Pulane Lyanah Lenkoe Opens Up about abusive boyfriend

The socialite and video sensation Pulane Lyanah Lenkoe has come out to reveal that she was involved in an abusive relationship. The boyfriend did not only emotionally abused her but physically abused her as well.

“Accident that’s how badly injured I was, the first time he beat me (I wish I had kept the pics, but he convinced me to delete them in order for us to move on, after he told me he will never allow himself to touch me again, blamed it on stress and insecurities, so i forgave him), funny thing is that i always considered myself to be very strong, i guess we all have our weaknesses, i allowed this man who promised to love, protect and make me feel safe to do this to me over and over and over and over again, and each time he would swore, ” nka se tlhole ke go toucher, i promise my love” and soon as he said that it’s like i would be hypnotized or something cause the only person i felt i needed it would be the same person who was causing me pain.”

Pulane abused

“The one thing that i realize now that I’ve left that relationship is that not only do these men inflict physical pain but they will also cause emotional abuse, which is far more damaging, though i acted strong in front of the world it got to a point where i started believing the things he told me, and felt had nowhere else to go but to stay with him, till 6 weeks later after this incident took place and the passing of Karabo Mokoena(May her soul RIP❤️) occurred and that was an eye opener for me,I honestly believe if it wasn’t for the unfortunate passing of Karabo i would still be in his arms till this day, i then realized that if I didn’t leave this would also be a destiny of mine.” – Pulane said.

“Even after this incident, when I tried to leave him then he begged me to stay and said he was getting professional help, i wanted to believe him but in my heart i knew the relationship was far too gone to be saved, there was nothing left to be saved, every time he hit me, as much as I thought I needed him, i didn’t it was just fear of starting over without him, shame, and all of those negative thoughts occupying my head but the actual fact is he killed every love emotion I ever felt for him.”

Pulane further added that there’s nothing worse than praying for someone or try to help someone who doesn’t see anything wrong with their actions. All you can do is pray for them from a distance and she does this in hope that this will find another woman like herself who thinks this behavior.


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