Rape and marriage in Gomora

Rape and marriage in Gomora

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As one person dies, somewhere else a newborn babe takes its first breath, as one person comes to terms with rape and sexual abuse, another celebrates an impending marriage. That is the nature of life; joy and heartbreak, death and life, sickness and health.

I did not rape Teddy

When Melusi confronted Miss Manzi about Teddy’s rape claim, the guilt was etched across her face. It seemed an open and shut case. But Manzi, secure in the fact that it was his word against hers, vehemently denied raping Teddy. However, the absence of evidence does not mean that a crime was not committed. She was no longer welcome in Melusi’s home and he wanted her out of Gomora Secondary. Any woman who has the gumption to rape a man is no pushover. Manzi was not going down without a fight, she refused to be sacked. Melusi brought in the district manager and the school governing body, represented by Sbonga (real name Khayalethu Mthembu).

To report or not to report

Ashamed of what happened to him, Teddy did not want to file a complaint with the police. After the Dlaminis called the cops, Teddy was uncooperative. Without Teddy’s testimony, the police gathered their note books and pens and went off to buy amagwinya, which was a huge relief to Manzi.

Melusi managed to convince Teddy to change his mind, only for Zodwa to influence her son. Not only did she have doubts about Teddy’s “little rape story” but she could not grasp the idea of a woman raping a man. Furthermore, she feared that Teddy would become a public spectacle.

Consequently, a tug-of-war between Gladys and Zodwa ensued. Teddy became a bystander in his own life as the grownups wrestled to have the final say on whether he goes ahead with the rape report. Against Zodwa’s wishes, Teddy obtained a restraining order which forbids Miss Manzi from coming near him.

“Manzi out” protest

Meanwhile, Miss Manzi had no chance of coming near Teddy, even if he hadn’t obtained the court document. Langa and Ntokozo successfully led a classroom walkout to protest against Manzi teaching their class.

Having failed to sack Manzi from her job, Melusi called for a meeting with the education department’s district manager and the SDG. Miss Manzi was formally charged with rape by the school authorities. Prior to giving full details of the case to all the parties to the meeting, Melusi demanded that everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect Teddy’s privacy. But such an agreement is only as good as human self control.

No sooner had Sbonga left the meeting than he ran his mouth off to Pretty. Just like Zodwa, Sbonga couldn’t wrap his narrow mind around how “someone as beautiful as Manzi” could ever want to rape someone so “slow” as Teddy. Thankfully, Pretty urged that her baby daddy exercise caution in dealing with the Teddy rape; looks have nothing to do with rape, she said.

A tavern employee eavesdropping on the conversation then leaked the details of Teddy’s rape to the press. Teddy had hoped for a quiet disciplinary hearing but now the whole of Gomora knew.

Stay away from my mother

Thathi is still having difficulty accepting Mike as her mother’s boyfriend. What’s worse, Mike has now befriended her son, Langa. Keen to get rid of Mike, Thathi began to snoop on him. When she overheard Mike’s phone conversation with a creditor – someone he owes R10 000 – Thathi thought she had finally found a way to get rid of him. But when she told Sonto about Mike owing people money – he only wants to get money out of you Ma – she was unmoved. Sonto already knew about Mike’s unpaid debt.

An embarrassed Thathi had to apologize to Sonto. But she was not about to make peace with Mike. While Thathi pondered how to eject Mike from her mother’s life, the shady old dude got down on one knee and asked Sonto to marry him. Sonto said yes, without a moment’s hesitation. Only Allah knows how he managed to buy an engagement ring if he owes ten grand.


Buhle has departed for Durban. This part of the story was hastily written. We did not see or hear of Thathi checking to see if her daughter had arrived safely in Durban. There was no mention of Buhle from Langa either. Not the most thorough writing job there.

Till next week, my pen is capped.



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