Rapper AKA shuts down his own company, Beam Group

Rapper AKA has announced that he will be shutting down his own company, Beam Group. He revealed on social media that the reason he’s closing the company is because things didn’t go as he hoped they would.

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Taking to social media, the rapper whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, told his fans the reasons he is shutting down the company.

“Unfortunately I also have to announce that Beam Group now no longer represents or manages me in ANY capacity. While I remain the owner of the company, I’m actually in the process of shutting it down,” he tweeted.





AKA added that the business venture is “not working out”.

“We started the company with the best of intentions, unfortunately it’s just not working out for me the way I wanted it to … so I’m taking my ball and going to play elsewhere.”

“That’s business ya know, you try … you fail, you get up, you dust yourself off and you keep it moving (sic).”

“The truth is, AKA is really the “company”. So having a company is actually quite pointless since I’m AKA,”- The ‘Fela in Versace’ hitmaker said.

Two weeks ago, the Sunday Sun reported that AKA and Prince had indeed been involved in some sort of a disagreement and that the rapper was forced to crawl back to his previous manager, Raphael Benza of Vth Season.

“He went back to Vth Season, because things are not going well for his company. He fired his road manager months ago, and since then people have been leaving his company,” one source told Sunday Sun.

According to Daily Sun, AKA’s now former business partner and former manager agreed with the source. “I can confirm that AKA is back with Raphael Benza,” he said

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/akaworldwide

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