Rapper Lolo Vandal to Drop Two Singles From His Album

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Lolo Vandal ready to hit us with the storm. Xhosa rapper Lolo Vandal set to release two new songs from his new album.

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Zuxole Ngetu also known as Lolo Vandal seem to be keeping his promise of owning the year 2020. After the release of his lockdown music video 2020 VROOO VROOM, Lolo gave his followers a beautiful online concert. It did not end there, the rapper is now ready to bless his followers with two new songs “SISENDLELENI and IKHAYA” from his album.

SISENDLELENI – A very powerful street anthem for those who were once told they will amount to nothing. On this song you hear the rapper saying things like “…NO DAYS OF SISENDLELENI PHILA NJENGE PHARAPHARA..” He goes on and tell the world how good he at what he does and how he plans to change people’s lives through music even though some refer to him as iPharaPhara. The song is a up beat tempo song where you will find yourself dancing and enjoying the creativity. The Xhosa rapper goes in hard on this and remind the world of his wishes and plans. Song produced by Lonwabo Stemela.

IKHAYA – We all know what comes to a human’s mind when the term “IKHAYA” is mentioned. The rapper shares with us a meaning of home and how he was raised in a warm loving and healthy home. Some might be questioning Lolo Vandal’s character and where all the strength he has come from. The rapper takes us to a journey, on this one you hear the rapper sharing a bit about people he grew up around and how he had to be the greatest amongst others in the community he grew up in. At 14 years old Zuxole Ngetu started working at Debonairs Pizza, you will hear more of what went down when listening to this song. Song produced by GAMA BEATS.

The greatest part about all this , Zuxole Ngetu is releasing all his music under his own record label African Elephant working with his business partners.

For more details on these new songs set to drop in May, follow Lolo Vandal on all digital platforms.



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