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Reality Show FBK Millionaires Cancelled

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Moja Love’s reality show FBK Millionaires, has been cancelled. FBK Millionaires reality shows follows a lifestyle of a young businessman and a Forex trader DJ Coach whose real name is Kgopotso Tsekeleke Mmutlane. According to rumours, the show was taken off air after sources claimed that DJ Coach of Forex Broker Killer is faking his lifestyle.

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Why FBK Millionaires Was Cancelled?

According to the channel, FBK Millionaires was cancelled for “technical” reasons. “The show has been cancelled for now due to technical issues we have with the footage” – Moja Love’s head of marketing and PR Lindiwe Mbonambi told TshisaLive.

Lindiwe added that technicians are “working on solving the issue” but did not comment on whether or not the show would return.

FBK Millionaires Cancelled

The reality show started airing on August 17 and was cancelled just after four episodes.

Ever since its debut, the show sparked debate across South Africa. Some people took to social media with videos claiming to have caught him in a lie, while others claimed that his business had made him rich.

Taking to social media, the FBK Millionaires reality TV star DJ Coach, denied claims that he is a scammer and claimed that the reality show had been cancelled because the audio data from it had been lost.

“People can conclude whatever they want to conclude…I know they talk bad things but deep down they are inspired. If you are a guy and you are not inspired, definitely your girlfriend is inspired. If you are a girl and you are not inspired, definitely your boyfriend can’t sleep without looking at my pictures. Not because of what I have achieved, but because I am an inspiration to the world,” – DJ Coach said.

It is better to post All Star when you atleast own a dickies! Then he who owns nothing will always question your choice! and ooh before yall Enemies celebrate Reality Show data has been lost and it forces us to Re-shoot, Satan won’t win this round… #fbkmillionaires” –  he added in a Twitter post

About Dj Coach Tsekeleke

Dj Coach Tsekeleke is the founder & CEO of Forex broker Killer Institution, an author, Serial entrepreneur, Forex trader, philanthropist and is one of South African’s youngest self-made millionaire.

Image Courtesy: sowetanlive.co.za

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