REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL is now proudly a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor

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REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL has achieved Level 1 B-BBEE status! They are delighted with this acknowledgement of the significant transformational role they play in South Africa and believe this rating will accelerate their contribution to our country’s economic sustainability at a grassroots level.

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“Merely complying with BEE legislation is not good enough. A certificate itself does not reflect authentic and meaningful transformation,” explains Dr Ahmed Shaikh, Managing Director REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL. “As a socially responsive organisation that pays due diligence and responds to SA’s challenges with agile meaningfulness, REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL is resolutely committed to nurturing and developing positive change for all South Africans, and to shaping and strengthening our country’s democracy. Few actions speak louder than becoming a B-BBEE Level 1 contributor, and for this we are both thrilled and further inspired.”

The Level 1 rating is great news for our clients and suppliers too. Apart from increasing their own BEE score by engaging with us, companies that only procure from Level 1 suppliers reap financial rewards by spending less but claiming more. So, for every R1.00 clients spend with us, they can claim R1.35 against their own preferential procurement scoring. This is an advantage that only a Level 1 company can offer.

“The Level 1 status confirms the spirit in which REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL actively contributes to authentic transformation and meaningfully addresses current realities,” says Dr Shaikh. “For instance, we ramped up our initiatives when SA went into lockdown in March 2020, producing prototype PPE for healthcare professionals across the country and increasing our support for localised businesses. We also established our enterprise development centre, REDhub, and encouraged tech-rich entrepreneurial ventures via our iLeadLAB. All these helped and to continue to help create livelihoods and contribute to a brighter, bigger, safer picture.”


Our commitment to embracing empowerment and transformative initiatives by supporting local businesses, and instilling transformative mindsets and future-proof skills-sets among our student and Alumni communities, is deeply infused with our DNA, and as such reflects internally as it does in our dealings with students and clients. We are excited to have our good employer standing reflected in our B-BBEE status.

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL is always socially invested. From the way we engage with our people, our clients, our students, and our Alumni community, to our various initiatives that inspire and create change, we consider education as the cornerstone of all transformation. Our Level 1 B-BBEE rating will accelerate our contribution to economic sustainability, helping create a better reality for all who call South Africa home.

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