Jerry Maake is dead

Rest in peace Jerry Maake

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When we met Jerry in Season one, he was a widower trying to raise his daughter (Amo) and criminal son (Mogape). His journey with the Khoza’s would collide after his son got paid to kill Harriet’s husband, he was later found dead to cover up their tracks.

His obsession with catching Harriet and her family would be the last thing he would do to honour his son’s memory. Over the years we’ve seen so many close calls for the Khoza’s due to Maake’s dedication to the streets of Tembisa and making vengeance.

Jerry has endured more pain than others, having buried two sons and a brother Roy, but he was able to overcome the darkest times in his life without making it to the dark side. That’s why this character was so iconic!

Jerry Maake – a dedicated husband

His journey to finding love was a very complicated one! Remember the days Joyce would flirt and pine over an awkward Jerry? He just wasn’t quite ready for that kind of attention so he broke her heart and she fled to America.

Jerry didn’t give the women in his life the novel book kind of romance but he was kind, loyal, honest, and a man of his word. Joyce tried to win him over, but his partner in crime and best friend would end up stealing his heart. The two certainly had their drama but there’s was a true partnership. We knew it was ’till death’ when Jerry showed up at the alter and overcame his fear

Robocop to Lieutenant

Jerry Maake earned his place as lieutenant colonel without shading dealings and scandals. He pulled off the biggest drug bust at the King Shaka airport, just as the Khoza’s thought they had gotten away with it. He’s the cop that risked his life and rescued Vuyiswa from Diamond Mabuza’s time ticking bomb, without a single hesitation. For him, the badge came first…and he wasn’t shy to threaten his wife with a warning. That’s our Jerry!

National Treasure

Who can ever forget the day was declared Jerry Maake our national treasure? Saving the Khoza’s and their guests just in time before the bomb could explode on the boat! He always put his service before his own life. They don’t make them like Jerry anymore!

So many close calls

Jerry Maake has beat death one too many times. Remember when Harriet Khoza set the house on fire and he was supposed to have burned to death? His family mourned him for weeks before discovering he was hiding out. There was also that time when his heart stopped beating on the operating table. But our Jerry made his way back to us!

Jerry Aka Jay

How could we forget when Jerry had amnesia and he turned into an American womaniser? He had no recollection of his wife and children. The new emerged Jay was a party starter who he loved to have a good time. Amo almost convinced Jerry that Joyce was the love of his life! But Vee stuck with her man through it all.

Jerry Maake’s colourful language

Jerry is known to call a spade, a spade. His simplicity can come across as being rude, yet he was all about being direct.

Whichever Jerry you may have preferred, it’s safe to say that he was a stand-up guy, We will miss him and we’re pretty sure Tembisa won’t be the same without him.


Written by Ferguson Films

Image from The Queen Mzansi Facebook


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