Mother of Kagiso Junior

Rest in peace Kagiso Junior

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Last week, Kagiso (Loyiso Macdonald) showed just why he recently scooped a SAFTA. Of late, the Ferguson Films produced telenovela has revolved around the baby faced actor, perhaps, on account of the absence of key players, Dineo Langa, Zenande Mfenyana, Rami Chuene and the soon to be reinstated Sthembiso “SK” Khoza.

Although the main story this week revolved around Kagiso, Schumacher’s subplot provided both thrills and shocks for viewers.

Schumacher gets revved up

A month ago, Schumacher’s younger brother (Buntu) arrived in Joburg. We all operated under the assumption that Buntu left home to escape his father’s abuse. Schumacher, who was similarly abused, quickly bought into Buntu’s story of frequent beatings. Enter Daluxolo accompanied by a non speaking Jwarha. Jiki jiki we suddenly find out that Buntu not only stole money but deflowered Jarwah’s daughter and left her with morning sickness .

“You are coming home with me!” barked Daluxolo.

Buntu sought refuge behind his big brother. Schumacher abandoned his brother once. This time he stood up for him. Things deteriorated rapidly when Daluxolo uttered homophobic words. Schumacher lost it. The scene ended with Daluxolo bleeding from the mouth and Schumacher with fists ready for a second punch. Behind him, Buntu stood with jaw on the floor – shook!

It must have been cathartic for Schumacher to finally release decades of accumulated hurt. Although most African people are brought up to honour their parents, many viewers empathised with Schumacher. The topic #Schumacher trended throughout the night, which makes you wonder if there are many Lumkos out there, all of them itching to KO their abusive parents.

There was more good news for the two brothers. Remember the job application that Schumacher helped Buntu with? He has an interview in Vereeniging, almost 60 kilometres from Jozi, which might mean his departure. Buntu has provided a spark with his numerous misadventures. It would be sad to see him go. Every story needs a bad boy; Heaven is the only place populated entirely by just good (and most likely boring) people. I personally hope he becomes a fixture on the show. The young rebel knows his way around the kitchen and Thato could do with an extra pair of hands at the Corner House. Especially with Siyanda being routinely unreliable. We’ll get to the erratic Siyanda later.

Brutus and Dingane go wild

After Skhumbuzo aka Dollar refused to pay tax to Harriet, the Queen sent Brutus and Dingane to ‘give him a message’ – which is to say remind him who’s boss. Apart from refusing to pay tax, Dollar influenced Goodness to go above Harriet and order drugs directly from Colombia. But the Colombians, having recently granted Harriet sole distributorship in Africa, informed the Khozas of the attempt to sideline them. The confrontational Brutus hasn’t seen much action since his sidekick Shaka died. So Babomncane seized this rare opportunity. Father and son stormed into Blue Moon, where Dollar was entertaining a business associate. Egged on by his father, Dingane climbed onto the table and spilled Dollar’s whisky while Brutus kept a gun pointed at him! To keep the peace, Harriet agreed to Dollar’s terms. But of course, the sneaky matriarch is setting up Dollar and Goodness for a client mutinee.

Dial-a-boyfriend for Georgina

What’s that thing they say about paying taxes? Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. But what if Caesar keeps wanting more? Georgina has paid a lot of black tax to her parents. Last week she again met her instalment with Skhali, the loan shark. Vuyiswa once again caught her sleeping at work, which lead to her investigating Georgina’s off duty activities. But a phone call to a security company where she thought Georgina is employed part time was a dead end. Undeterred, Vuyiswa insisted on meeting Georgina’s made up boyfriend, the one to whom she attributed the security guard cap she accidentally wore to work. It was panic stations for Georgina as she rushed about to find a man – any man, really – who could pretend, just for one day, to be her boyfriend. This sounded like a job for the extroverted Schumie. Despite Schumacher’s extensive address book, he was unable to find someone passable for a boyfriend. In the end, Georgina took Skhali, the dodgy looking mashonisa, to the Maakes for dinner. Typical cops, Jerry and Vuyiswa smelled his criminality wafting off him but still invited him to the dinner table where he immediately began to plunder Vuyiswa’s cooking, even before the hosts had sat down. In his rush to gorge himself, Skhali wolfed down food containing peanuts, to which he is allergic. As he gasped for air, Jerry was only concerned with his police reputation.

“Take him outside, I don’t want him dying in here!”

Keeping secrets

Kagiso’s sweetheart, Goodness, is still missing in action. She was last seen choking on a morsel of rage when Siyanda materialised from nowhere during Harriet’s party. Uncle Mziwoxolo continues as proxy for his niece. Apart from drug distribution, Mziwoxolo also finds himself as defender of Goodness’ virtue from being plundered by the passionate Kagiso. Even though Kagiso had to be shown the door at gun point, he has persisted in going back to the Mabuza home.

Patronella who has shown more discretion than usual finally told Tanci Mziwoxolo that Goodness is pregnant. Also choosing discretion, Mziwoxolo has not informed Kagiso that Goodness is carrying his child. Perhaps the old timer is afraid that this knowledge, once divulged, would only fuel Kagiso’s pursuit for Goodness. Mziwoxolo is very keen for his niece to leave the drug trade, having lost a nephew (Gift) and two brothers (Goldfinger and Diamond, both killed by the Khozas) to the cocaine business.

Kagiso Junior

While one of Kagiso’s lovers has kept her pregnancy a secret, the other has not only made a big announcement of it, but she also milked that cash cow until its udder bled. I mean, what’s the pont of carrying a rich man’s baby if you can’t live lavishly!

After her pregnancy announcement was met with suspicion, Siyanda delivered medical proof of her conception. While the Khozas were still lifting their fallen jaws from the floor, Siyanda moved herself into the Waterfall mansion.

“Now that we all know I am carrying a Khoza, I have decided to move back!”

After seeing and hearing for herself the baby’s heartbeat at the hospital, Harriet, keen for a “granddaughter who looks just like me”, began to plan the nursery for the unborn Kagiso Junior. The father to be, under pressure from the expectant grandma, waited hand on foot on his baby mama but he disobeyed the instructions to marry her. Unfortunately, the grasping Siyanda had to be content with a place in the guest room. Even in her presence – and against Harriet’s advice – Kagiso continued to speak with Goodness over the phone. Schumacher would later overhear Kagiso’s declaration of love for Goodness to Mziwoxolo. Schumacher promptly told his friend to beware of Goodness. This resulted in Siyanda becoming so stressed that she momentarily pondered taking cocaine. As she hyperventilated to calm herself down, blood began to trickle down her thighs.

At the hospital, a doctor confirmed what Siyanda already knew. Her baby was no more.

An awful marriage proposal

While Siyanda privately dealt with her loss, Dingane – having dismounted Dollar’s desk – advised Kagiso to man up and do the right thing. It seems Dingane succeeded where Harriet had failed. He went home and did what Kagiso does for all his women. He brought a tray filled with food up to the guest room. If I had a beer for each time Kagiso has served a woman food in bed, I would have more booze than Tops! Just as Siyanda was about to tell Sgaqagaqa about the death of Kagiso Junior, he spoke first.

“Let’s get married – for the sake of the baby”.

An awful, awful marriage proposition if I ever heard one. But Siyanda – stunned as she was – flew into the air and caught the opportunity, like Itumeleng Khune. This is what she always wanted; a rich husband.

Till next week, my pen is capped


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