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Rising South African RnB star Tony X shines bright on new single “Lerato”

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As the seasons transitioned from winter to spring, Tony X wasted no time in adding to the freshness of the new season with his latest single, “Lerato”.

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Having been relatively quiet since releasing his debut EP, Just In Case, over a year ago Tony’s been patiently crafting his new sound which he says is more a representation of who he is. In the lead up to the single release, Tony recently featured on the cover of The Plug Magazine alongside his labelmates Manu WorldStar, Luna Florentino and Dee Xclsv.

“Lerato” is a soft, smooth and colourful ballad that speaks of young, African love. “Got malume right on speed dial”, he sings on the opening verse, expressing his desire to commit to his woman. “I really just wanted to bring it back home,” Tony X says of this new direction.

“While in studio with my producer, PRxFND, we just kept building this song based on what we wanted it to feel like. Malaika has been a major reference for me over the past year as I believe they made music which is timeless and has a special place in the South African heart.

“They got it right in terms of making us feel a certain way and evoking some feelings and memories. Lerato is about realising a love. Like finally finding that love that compliments you in every way. It’s a love that’s always been in your face but it’s like now my eyes are finally open to it and I’m ready to commit.”


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