Roxy Burger announces pregnancy on social media

Broadcaster, Blogger and TV Presenter Roxy Burger and her husband Neil Shraga shared their baby news on Twitter. “So my husband and I have a bundle arriving in Jan. Incredibly happy and so excited,” The TV personalty wrote on Twitter.

The caption was accompanied by a picture of baby booties, proteas and ultrasound photos. According to her social media announcement, baby Shraga is expected to arrive on 18 January.

“We are so incredibly excited. My husband and I can’t wait for this new journey,” Roxy, who is currently at 15 weeks, said.

“We can’t wait for that very first sight, the first time I get to see the baby. I can’t wait to see who he or she looks like,” she added.

The couple has not decided on a name yet: “We have thought of a few names. I find the naming process quite hectic! It’s quite a thing naming someone for the rest of their life!”

Congratulations Guys! We wish you a happy pregnancy! Follow her on Twitter for more updates. 

roxy burger and husband
roxy burger and husband. Image Courtesy: You Magazine

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