SA Celebrity make-up artist Morag Steyn

SA Celebrity make-up artist Morag Steyn shares Impact of Coronavirus on the beauty Industry

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Internationally renowned, celebrity make-up artist, Morag Steyn shares her experience on how the Coronavirus has affected the beauty industry globally.

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  1. Changes in client requests and how you’re coping

I have worked and been involved in this multi-billion dollar industry for over a decade, and I never ever imagined that in my career there would be a pandemic to this extent. As a creative I don’t ever plan for the, “what if?” COVID-19 has affected my business and made it disappear overnight.

It’s a new challenge and a new journey. I’m practicing daily to staying positive and know that we will prevail. I have been doing online courses in hygiene in the workplace and educating myself on COVID-19 I feel it is very important for artists to understand and know what is out there, in terms of what precautions need to be in place. I am also in the process of launching online make up courses, and getting involved with beauty and cosmetic industry platforms, that have already been established online for years.

I would love to see the brands we work with, or for, to offer support to the professional freelance community which is really in need, as I am unsure how our community will survive. Yes, we love what we do, but we want to be able to make a living too, we too have aspirations to thrive after COVID-19. We cannot take less than what we’re worth moving forward, in reference to the fact that our rates are been cut using COVID-19 as an excuse.

The changes in client requests have honestly been scarce and far apart, as there has not been any work happening. I do know now that there will be huge changes in how artists will work going forward. I have been getting a few requests here and there. I do not see a recovery very soon in terms of that artists can freely travel around to work. The most important thing now is to stay as connected to your clients as possible offer them some free make up tips via a virtual lesson, and as soon as thing get better I am sure that we can move forward.

  1. Any upcoming product ranges you may have used or trends and how their launch or planning been shaped has by the pandemic?

Digital, digital, digital, all brands will now focus on uniting consumers via virtual e-commerce in the comfort and safety of their own homes. I have seen so many brands continuing with their launches, just virtually, it has been great to see the change, but it’ll be hard to adapt. Make Up is a “feel”, a texture and a colour which we are so used to playing with before we buy.

I am currently working on some really cool things with Star-Struck by Sunny Leone. I love the brand concept, it’s fun, and the products have proved that they are great and really affordable for the consumer. Trends for the time being are really focused on inner beauty as w hole, mind, body and soul. It’s now about focusing on getting the perfect skin you’ve always wanted and then through that using make up to compliment it.

  1. New communication approach for your brand

It’s all about finding where you as an artist fit into this multi-billion rand industry. In 2020 it was predicted that beauty industry is all about “feeling” beautiful. It’s about the whole package now. Clients will want to work with fewer people, and only those that have been consistent and whom have a good work ethic. You need to know something about everything, offer this on all your social media platforms. Communication on an e-commerce level now more than ever. Get your client data base intact, if you have not done so already.

  1. Changes in consumer behaviour

I’ve been working with beauty brands across the globe for over a decade, so I’ve seen trends come and go, I have seen experimental techniques go viral on Instagram and ecommerce changing the beauty landscape forever. One thing is for sure, and that is the Covid-19 immediate impact is widespread, with the potential to change the way we live our lives for the long-term.

I read in an article that since mid-March Google searches for “self-care” have spiked to record highs worldwide. Consumers will need viewing content that relates to them. A door has opened for digital acceleration, as consumers are forced to use online channels to access beauty products as retail touchpoints become more limited and almost non-existent. This means new audiences are seeking digital solutions so brands, including artists are having to accelerate their online presence and e-commerce plans to cater to such demand.

My favourite app/ online feature is  L’Oréal’s make up genius, Feelunique’s makeup live which is also likely to be followed more than ever as consumers look for support in their purchase decisions that may have previously been sought in store as beauty and make up consultants were available for this.

  1. Some tips for those trying to find their content creation spark and where they can be relevant in these COVID-19 times.

I have seen a huge increase in those looking to professionals to create this “beauty perfection” from eye lash extensions to eyebrow threading treatments. This all has now been instantly taken away from consumers, so how are consumers going to respond? Initial thoughts suggest that consumers are looking to alternative solutions, they need your tutorials and videos. Focus on points like Low maintenance beauty, Experimental beauty and DIY beauty.

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