Two Hues partners with Herflix

SA film Two Hues partners with Herflix in support on GBV

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Sixteen days of activism is globally acknowledged, as a period of vocal activism against abuse of women. Award winning South African production company, Tribal Alchemy Productions, has joined forces with the US based global online streaming platform Herflix that specializes in content for, about and by women for the short film “Two Hues”. The film is available for streaming on Herflix with 20% of proceeds going towards charity for victims of Gender Based Violence, Weaam has decided to endorse the National Shelter Movement of South Africa, an organisation which provides a safe space for abused women and children.

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Two Hues is about a bipolar woman who deals with post-traumatic stress after sexual assault, and her life navigating the patriarchy in her family and the workplace. The lead actress, co-director and writer of Two Hues, Weaam Williams, has signed a worldwide non-exclusive rights deal with Herflix. Viewers can watch online and just by watching they will be donating to victims of GBV.

“I am thrilled for Two Hues to be acquired and curated by Herflix as I love the platform, and my work will sit amongst some prominent directors such as Ann Hui from Hong Kong, the Danish director Pernille Fischer Christensen and the French director Francoiz Ozon, to name but a few. I believe in the universal law of attraction, that which is meant for you will come to you.”

Two Hues Herflix

The film features supporting cast Abidah Dixon Mohammed, Adu Adams, Khalil Kathrada, Danielle Comley and Emil van Niekerk. Many women worked behind the scenes in the making of this feminist short film including, co-director Dominique Roxanne Jossie, Assistant Director, UCT Masters student Maxine Ajak and HOD of Art Department Tiffany Adams Matthews.

“Two Hues takes us on an inspiring journey, amazing work. Herflix is honored to share this film with women worldwide.” expresses Adrian Shaw, founder of Herflix.

Two Hues has been making waves across various film international festivals and has won multiple awards since its release with Best Short Film – Beyond The Curve International Film Festival, (Paris, France) Best Directed Short Film – North Europe International Film Festival, London Best Women Empowerment Film – Berlin Short Film Festival Best Lead Actress – West Europe International Film Festival, Brussels Best Featurette (a film between a short and feature) – Wallachia International Film Festival, (Wallachia, Romania).

Two Hues is currently being developed into a feature film and Weaam has recently completed the feature length screenplay for Two Hues.

Herflix is free to view:

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