SASSA R350 Grant Payment Dates

Sassa Confirms SASSA R350 Grant Payment Dates For This Week

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The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant payment dates resume on Tuesday, 19 April 2022, this week beneficiaries will be able to access their money at the South African Post Office (SAPO).

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) have confirmed the Sassa R350 grant payment dates for another week of April 2022. The first allocations for the month April 2022 started on Friday 1 April 2022. On the 1 April 2022, South Africans collected their R350 grants as it was one of the SASSA R350 grant payment dates. The second R350 grant payment date for April took place on Friday 8 April 2022.

No R350 grant payments date for the second of April was because Sassa was busy distributing other Sassa’s permanent grants such as child support grants, disability grants and older persons grants.

There will be four R350 grant payment dates this third week of April 2022. The SRD grant has no fixed payment date, and last three digits of your ID number determine on which days you may collect your R350 grant from the South African Post Office.

No R350 grant payments on Monday 18 April 2022 as it’s a public holiday. Sassa will resume R350 grant payments on Tuesday 19 April 2022. Here are the rest of the R350 grant payment dates for the rest of April following today’s SRD grant payments.

Here Are The R350 Grant Payment Dates For This Week

R350 Grant Payment Dates for April 2022 ID Numbers
Monday, 18th April 2022 No Payment
Tuesday, 19th April 2022 082 & 087
Wednesday, 20th April 2022 083 & 088
Thursday, 21st April 2022 084 & 089
Friday, 22nd April 2022 080 & 085

Before you collect your R350 grant, you should always wait for an SMS confirmation informing you that your SRD grant is ready to be collected.

If you receive your R350 grant pay through a bank account, you must be aware that there is no set R350 grant payment date because Sassa has informed you that you will receive your SRD grant payment.

Do you want to collect your SASSA R350 grant at the South African Post Office? click here for all SASSA status check for R350 payment Dates for April 2022.

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