Solly arrested while Goodness beats coma

Scammer Solly arrested as Goodness survives accident

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If there is a lesson to be learned from the story of Solly, it is this; all that glitters is not gold. Solly Masipa (real name Elliot Makhubo) cruised onto The Queen in a red Mercedes-Benz sports car which made women weak at the knees and his friend Jackal feel like a monumental failure. But as the Pfuka immune booster juice saga unfurled, everyone in Tembisa came to realize that they should have been happy with whatever little money they had.

Patronella pays for greed

Enthusiastic Pfuka juice investor, Sis Patronella suddenly fell ill and had to be hospitalised. The doctors suspected poisoning. When Patronella finally regained consciousness, the doctor quizzed her on her diet. The only change to her eating routine was the Pfuka juice. Mjekejeke, who had been against his wife and daughter investing in Pfuka right from the get go, was not impressed. He stormed out of the hospital ward leaving Patronella to deal with her shame. Pfuka may have put her in hospital but the real cause of her illness was greed.

Meanwhile, super cop Vuyiswa had already begun investigations into Pfuka.

Vuyiswa guns for Pfuka

When Vuyiswa made known her suspicion of Solly selling bogus juice, she came under criticism from Georgina, Patronella, Jackal and Thatho who accused her of being a hater. Despite being accused of umona, Vuyiswa persisted with her investigation. Lab tests confirmed that Pfuka’s ingredients did not live up to Solly Masipa’s claim. No wonder Masipa is just one vowel away from Masepa – nonsense man!

Even though one of their own had fallen victim to the toxic juice, the investors attempted to cover up Patronella’s Pfuka poisoning. There was a lot of money at stake. They agreed to conduct their own test in the hope that they could do pre-emptive damage control.

Unfortunately, Vuyiswa obtained a warrant for the arrest of all Pfuka investors, along with the mastermind, Solly. When Tembisa Police raided the Corner House, Solly was nowhere to be found, so the cops settled for his partners, Georgina, Jackal, Thato, Siyanda and Patronella. The only member of the gang who had known all along that Pfuka was bogus is Jackal but he was not about to rat out his friend. Fortunately, Jackal and company were released on bail but the threat of prosecution still remained, unless Solly, the Pfuka mastermind, was apprehended.

Solly gets arrested

Tembisa Police traced Solly by checking the ownership records of the many cars that he paraded on social media. Slaying on the Gram will get you arrested! From the vehicle registration, they found the home address of the car owner. But there was more. Solly was a driver who had passed off his boss’ house and cars as his own. Jackal, who had been made to feel small in the face of Solly’s borrowed riches, might even be better off despite being a waiter at his son’s restaurant. Tembisa’s most exemplary cop, Vuyiswa Jola, had the pleasure of handcuffing Solly and throwing him in jail.

Goodbye Jackal?

Jackal discovered the illegitimacy of Pfuka health juice two weeks ago but elected to keep quiet. Apart from the allure of money, Jackal sensed that Thato, the son he had disappointed several times, might not forgive him.

The investors however found out that Solly had been awarded a chunk of shares in Solly’s enterprise. It was over for Jackal. His fear of losing Thato became a reality.

Goodness comes out of coma

After going into a violent seizure, Goodness Mabuza lay in a coma. When she finally woke up, she was unable to speak. But her uncle, Mziwoxolo, stormed the hospital ward and did all the talking for her. He accused the Khozas of trying to kill Goodness, just as they had done to his brothers, Diamond and Goldfinger. The old timer wasn’t too far off but the Khozas denied everything. Kagiso, the only pure hearted Khoza, weighed down with the guilt of disabling Goodness’ car brakes, may have confessed had it not been for Shaka who firmly told him to keep his mouth shut.

As Goodness made a steady recovery, Mziwoxolo was guest at the Khoza mansion where the raucous banter with Brutus kept Harriet reaching for pain meds. I, however, enjoyed their battle of words.

Harriet, who sensed the threat of Mziwoxolo quickly moved to neutralize him. She gave him money to spend on horse betting after telling him about a dear late uncle – real of fictional, nobody knows – who was also a keen gambler at the race tracks. Harriet’s trick worked and the old man forgot all about his murder attempt accusations, but there was to be another exchange of money between her and Uncle Mziwoxolo.

Goodness turns her back on Joburg

Encouraged by her uncle Mziwoxolo, Goodness made up her mind to head back to the Cape. She wanted to take her daughter with her. But Harriet did not want to lose her granddaughter. She offered Mziwoxolo R30,000 to talk his niece into remaining in Joburg. Mziwoxolo countered her offer with a R100,000 demand. Harriet accepted. After all, it’s just drug money right? Easy come, easy go.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kagiso begged Goodness’ forgiveness.

“One last chance, Khoza”.

Admitting that she still had feelings for him, Goodness forgave Kagiso completing the long list of couples on The Queen who have seen blood spilled between one another; Shaka killed Mmbatho’s mother, Mogapi killed Mzi Khosa only for his baby sister Amo to hook up with Kagiso and Kagiso killed Goldfinger Mabuza and almost sent Goodness into the afterlife, giving credence to Joe Thomas’ song. Love don’t make no sense.

Goodness decision to stay wasn’t only welcome news to Kagiso and proud grandmother, Harriet. Mziwoxolo was R100,000 richer.

Writing with amnesia

When Mziwoxolo first arrived, he told Goodness that the cops had reason to believe that someone had tampered with her car brakes. But later in the show, Mziwoxolo asked Goodness is she had been driving under the influence. It’s as if the writers changed the plot but forgot to edit for story consistency. Either that, or they were testing viewers for alertness.

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