Scandal actress Nomvelo Makhanya

Scandal actress Nomvelo Makhanya emotional hurt after being cyberbullied because of her head

Actress Nomvelo Makhanya, also known as Lindiwe Ngema from Scandal! etv, is emotionally hurt after she was body shamed and mocked for her ‘big head’.

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This comes after Twitter users recently shared pictures of her head and making fun of her.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to express her pain, Nomvelo Makhanya recorded an emotional video where she pleaded with people to do better and be more kind after a meme that was meant to mock her head was created by social media users.

“It is so hard because I literally put in so much work. I put in so much work for that story. But now it seems that my head is overlooking my work. You guys are not focused on my craft. You guys are more focused on my physicality and my head. I literally work so hard, but you know..” – Nomvelo said.

Nomvelo said that people went “all the way out to always find something wrong with someone and use that to bring them down.”

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