Scandal! Teasers January 2019

Scandal! Teasers – January 2019

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Scandal! Teasers – coming up on Scandal! this January. Scandal! plays on Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. See what’s gonna go down on the show this January.

Tuesday 1 January 2019
Episode 3205

Boniswa’s desire for the truth pushes her to cross moral lines. Stokkies maps out his romantic plan. Gloria announces Kgosi’s plans for the future to his chagrin.  

Wednesday 2 January 2019 
Episode 3206

A desperate mother forces another woman to become her ally in the quest to prove her daughter is being betrayed.  A love struck man assumes that the object of his love feels the same as he does.  Gontse wants the truth about all that her family has been up to in her absence.                                                    

Thursday 3 January 2019
Episode 3207

Boniswa’s determination to get to the truth raises questions about her state of mind.  Stokkies’ big romantic gesture is not received in quite the way he had hoped.  The Legae household is on the verge of falling apart with the imminent departure of two members.   

Friday 4 January 2019
Episode 3208

A mother throws caution to the wind and makes a crushing revelation in spite of two very pointed warnings. Phindile’s best intentions are foiled by a young man’s biggest gesture yet. An unexpected decision is reached about the future of a traveller’s most precious cargo.

Monday 7 January 2019
Episode 3209

Yvonne grapples with a surprising gesture from an unexpected visitor. A woman battles to escape from a relationship when the consequences could prove life-threatening. The results are in for two matriculants.

Tuesday 8 January 2019
Episode 3210 

Mthunzi asks Yvonne about the reasons behind her reluctance to continue and a green monster raises its head.  Hyped up about an upcoming trip, Stokkies nearly reveals his secret to Ndumiso.  Kgosi lies to a friend and a seed is planted. 

Wednesday 9 January 2019
Episode 3211

Boniswa catches a couple in bed together. Ndu unknowingly puts ideas into Stokkies’ head which make him go and confront Phindi and things turn out messy. Gloria finds out the truth and hurts someone with her words.  

Thursday 10 January 2019
Episode 3212  

Xolile learns a horrible truth about Boniswa. Someone is wrongfully accused of being guilty of a work transgression. A young man is encouraged to be positive about his future despite having experienced failure.

Friday 11 January 2019
Episode 3213

Boniswa is surprised to be betrayed by a friend and supported by an enemy. Kgosi receives good advice from an unlikely source.  A confession sets one person free and lands another in trouble.  

Monday 14 January 2019
Episode 3214

Mthunzi’s manoeuvre has an unintended consequence.  Lindiwe’s future is debated by the adults.  Stokkies faces a hard truth.

Tuesday 15 January 2019
Episode 3215

An unlikely alliance emerges stronger from the ashes of a fire. A young girl considers recrossing a bridge she once burnt to save her dreams. A long term friendship ends when a betrayal is discovered.

Wednesday 16 January 2019
Episode 3216

A newly married woman is in the wrong place at the wrong time and her husband catches her in a lie.  Lindi takes a bold step towards making her dream a reality and it pays off. Two colleagues bury the hatchet while another two alienate each other.

Thursday 17 January 2019
Episode 3217

When Xolile finds herself in a corner, for once it is she who dances her way out.  When Mlungisi and Zinzile fear they may be failing their daughter, Phindile reveals not all may be lost. Dintle finds inspiration for her next money making idea. 

Friday 18 January 2019
Episode 3218

Lindiwe is at a loss as to what to do next. Dintle secretly kickstarts her get-rich-quick campaign.

Monday 21 January 2019
Episode 3219

Mthunzi’s masquerade begins to crack. Lindiwe changes direction.  Dintle faces new competition in her big opportunity.

Tuesday 22 January 2019
Episode 3220

Mthunzi tries to find out what Xolile intends to do with his lies.  Kgosi lives his dreams and Lindiwe paints a false picture of her outlook.  Dintle is angered when a friend turns out to be a foe.  

Wednesday 23 January 2019
Episode 3221

Mthunzi suspects that Xolile is lying to him. Zinzile’s disappointed when her family members don’t buy into her dream. Dintle’s on the war-path and Ndumiso’s her target.

Thursday  24 January 2019
Episode 3222

Romeo risks all to prove the dubious nature of his rival with shocking results. A touching story inspires a woman to reconsider an abandoned cause. An alpha mom and an alpha gogo are both down but not out. 

Friday 25 January 2019
Episode 3223

A husband finds his wife in the wrong place, with the wrong person. Mother and daughter are both reluctant to come clean to the relevant people. Dintle’s life takes a turn for the better and she is smug towards Ndu. 

Monday 28 January 2019
Episode 3224

A husband forbids his wife from seeing her ex-boyfriend but her ex-boyfriend fights back.  A young girl wants to tell her parents the truth about her life but fears disappointing them. Dintle goes all out to increase her social media profile.  

Tuesday 29 January 2019                       
Episode 3225

Mthunzi shares a shocking story from his past as a warning to anyone who would defy him in the present. Lindiwe turns to an unlikely ally to help make her dreams come true. Dintle has to ward off Layla’s suspicions to keep Dintle’s latest ambitions a secret.   

Wednesday 30 January 2019
Episode 3226

Xolile stands her ground and has to warn a former lover of a possible danger.  Lindiwe tells Phindile about her career progression but chooses no to tell all to the rest of her family.  Mama Jewel’s enterprise begins to take off and Dintle is less than magnanimous 

Thursday 31 January 2019
Episode 3227

A young woman lies to protect her friends and family but unwittingly increases their suspicion. An ingenue is given the opportunity she’s been waiting for, but it comes with a disappointing condition. A spiteful nemesis lets the cat out of the bag about her rival, who has to manage the consequences. 

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