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Searching For a House Using Private Property South Africa

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Private Property South Africa is South Africa’s number one property portal for all listings around South Africa. Private Property ( was founded in 1998 and helps ordinary South Africans find their perfect homes. Whether you want to buy, rent or sell a house, Private Property is for you. It will help you make the right property decisions.

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Why Use Private Property in South Africa?

Private Property South Africa has thousands of property listings from all over South Africa. If a property is and is on the market, it’s available on their website. Developers, Estate Agents, Banks and Private Sellers, they all list their properties on PrivateProperty. You can use the platform to search, find the exact house you are looking for and connect to the seller or the agent who is marketing it.

Private Property SA offers a wide range of properties. As a buyer, whether you are looking for a house, flat & apartment, townhouse & clusters, land and farms & smallholdings, you will find it on their website.

For sellers, they can reach millions using the website because the website has more than a million people visiting the website each month and they spend time looking for their next beautiful home. You can use your smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet to browse properties. You can also download the Private Property App to search for property on the go.

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How to Search for A House on Private Property

  • STEP 1: Go to
  • STEP 2: You will see Private Property for sale dashboard, select “Buy
  • STEP 3: Search for property by typing a suburb, city, or province and then click “Search
  • STEP 4: Browse the listings and click on the property for sale for more information
  • STEP 5: Contact the agent by email or requesting a call back

The good thing about the platform is that it also comes with a home loan bond calculator. It gives you an estimation of how much you will be paying for your home loan. Searching for a house using Private Property South Africa easy and find. You can find all type of properties for rentals or sale anywhere in South Africa.

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