Legendary music producer, Sello Chicco Twala

Sello Chicco Twala Hands His Son Longwe Over To The Police

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Sello Chicco Twala’s son Longwe Twala has been arrested for theft at the Deipkloof police station. In a video that has gone viral on social media, Chicco Twala can be seen handing his son over to the police.

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Chicco can be heard berating for stealing and instructed police to deal with him harshly. Video footage of the whole encounter was leaked online by popular Twitter account @AdvoBarryRoux

Police spokesperson Cpt Mavela Masondo said the 34-year-old Longwe Twala, was arrested on Wednesday for theft and appeared in court on Friday.

“Ive always said that I wish he was the one that killed Senzo Meyiwa so that he can rot in jail. I will never stand for this s**t. Bloody s**t. My name is destroyed. Everyone who sees Chicco Twala they see a criminal. They see a druglord, they see all this s**t,” – Chicco Twala is heard saying in the video clip.

The angry legendary musician and producer can also be heard instructing police officers to shoot Longwe if he tries to escape.

“You have the right to shoot him because he is under arrest at the moment. I am his father, I can witness your shooting. I don’t care. I would rather bury you. You better off dead than for you to destroy my name like this,” – he said

In the video, Twala can also be heard mentioning the name of the late Bafana Bafana skipper Senzo Meyiwa.

“Senzo Meyiwa, stealing from people, drugs and all of that, I cant stand this s**t. He must never get bail . He must go to jail,” – Twala said.

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