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What Are SETA Learnerships And How Do You Apply?

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SETA Learnerships beginners guide: The purpose of this article is to guide all South Africans about learnerships and how to register and apply for SETA Learnerships.

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Before we go any further, let us clarify that learnership applicants do not pay for anything. There is no registration or admission fee and you are not required to pay the recruiters anything.

You must always check which websites you visit for learnerships. At Quick Read, we discovered that there are some people who create fake learnership links just to get personal information from you.

Learnerships are training programs that are endorsed by government that connect the SETA, Employers, Training providers and Learners in a contractual relationship.

What is a Learnership?

A learnership is a work based learning program that leads to an NQF (The National Qualifications Framework) registered qualification at a college or university. Learnerships are directly related to a field of work or an occupation, for example, project management, hairdressing or electrical engineering. The Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) manage learnerships.

Learners who are placed in this program have to attend classes at training centres or colleges to complete classroom-based learning. Learners must also complete on-the-job training in a workplace. Just like an internship, the workplace experience must be relevant to your qualification. Although learners who participate in the learnership program do not get the benefits, they have the same rights as permanent employees.

What is a SETA?

SETA stands for stands for Sector Education and Training Authority. SETA was re-established in 2005 by the Minister of Labour, Membathisi Mdladlana. The aim of these organisations is implement the ‘National Skills Development Strategy’ plan and to grow the development skills of people in their sector.

The SETAs have substituted the 33 Industry Training Boards but have greater responsibilities and powers. Every occupation and industry is covered by their sectors. They make sure that SETA learnerships, SETA internships and all skills and learning programs adhere to the skills development plan.

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What are SETA learnerships?

A SETA Learnership is a structured learning program that integrate practical workplace experience and theoretical learning. A learnership leads to a qualification registered on the NQF if it is completed successfully. As stated by the Skills Development Act, a learnership must include the following elements:

  • Must have a theoretical training, which is structured learning component
  • Practical workplace experience which you gain from the company you are working for
  • It must lead to a qualification registered on the NQF
  • Must be relevant to the qualification

Who Creates Learnerships for SETA?

SETAs don’t provide learnerships directly or create them, however, they facilitate the recruitment of learners and the implementation of learnerships. SETAs sometimes subsidise the learners’ stipends or allowances and also abate the provision of the theoretical training by an accredited training provider.

How can I apply for SETA learnerships?

Candidates can contact the department within their area for application forms, information, and available SETA learnerships. Once you have completed the form, the SETA will forward your application to various employers who will short-list you for interviews. The SETA will register the learnership with the Department of Higher Education. These learnerships are not only for learners, even unemployed and employed people who wish to enhance their skills can apply too.

SETA Learnerships Requirements

Potential learners must be between the ages of 18 and 30. A CV (Curriculum Vitae), certified copies of all relevant certificates such as ID and proof of address no older than three months must accompany the application form. The applicants must be a South African citizen.

Most applicants will also be asked to have the below:

  • English, read, write and speak
  • Matric (or Grade 12 certificate)
  • Be self-motivated and a team player
  • You must not have a permanent employment
  • You must not be studying at an institute of higher learning
  • You must not be registered with any other institute for a learnership
  • Be willing to learn
  • Proactive
  • Have a computer literacy

SETA Learnerships Application

SETA learnerships have different closing dates and they depend on the learnership available. CLICK HERE FOR THE SETA LEARNERSHIPS we wish you all the best!

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