Skolopad real name Nonhlanhla Qwabe

Skolopad opens up about her recent health scare

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According to DRUM magazine, controversial entertainer Skolopad (real name Nonhlanhla Qwabe) was rushed to hospital on Sunday after accidentally overdosing on hypertension medication.

The thigh-baring socialite says she’s been taking more than the daily prescribed 25mg of treatment due to her increasing stress levels. As a result, her blood pressure lowered drastically.

When DRUM asked the dress-to-shock entertainer, who’s a professional nurse, what caused her stress levels to rise, she said she was being ill-treated by colleagues and she’s overworked. “We usually got two weekends off in a month but now they’ve changed it to only one weekend a month, and that puts strain on me – and on my career as a nurse and my hobby as an entertainer,” a frustrated Skolopad said.

Nonhlanhla Qwabe rubbished claims she was stressed because another socialite, Zodwa Wabantu, is receiving more media attention and gigs than her alter ego.

“My hospitalisation has nothing to do with Skolopad. I make a living by being a full-time professional nurse. Skolopad is just something I do for fun and to lose weight,” she said.
However, the Kunzima singer did admit that it pains her when artists from outside her province, Free State, get gigs and she doesn’t. “I’m the one who put QwaQwa on the map, people didn’t know about QwaQwa before, yet I’m not recognised when events are held here.”

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