Investing Money In Bitcoin

Some unique facts about Bitcoin which will surprise you

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Bitcoin is dominating the cryptocurrency market. Everyone in this world knows the potential of bitcoin, and that’s why the number of bitcoin investors is increasing. Bitcoin is the crypto king and many enthusiasts of this cryptocurrency. Some people deliberate that they know the whole thing about this currency. But there are still some unknown and unique facts for most people using bitcoin. You can check platform to get enough knowledge about trading the world’s number one digital currency.

Interesting facts about bitcoin

A person spends 10000 bitcoins buying two pizzas

Yes, it is an actual thing. Can you imagine someone spending 10000 bitcoins buying only two pizzas? Isn’t it surprising? A person known as Laszlo Hanyecz was the person who spent 10000 bitcoins for buying two papa john’s pizzas. Well, this is the very first time when a person made use of bitcoin for commercial purchases. Imagine if that person had kept those coins with himself, then he would have become a millionaire by now. Every year on 22 May, the bitcoin user celebrates bitcoin pizza day for honouring this memory. At that time, 10000 bitcoin was only 41 US dollars.

The bitcoin inventor is unknown

The person who is behind the bitcoin is unknown till now. From 2009, bitcoin was made public, and many people wanted to know about the natural person behind this digital currency. Well, you should know that creator of bitcoin preferred to hide its identity by taking the Satoshi Nakamoto name. So, with the curiousness of knowing about the creator of bitcoin, many people taught that Craig Wright, an Australian businessman, is the creator of bitcoin. But later, we got to know that Wright was a scammer. So, to date, no person knows about the person’s identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you lose private keys, you lose access to your coins forever

There are various incidents in which people lost their vast number of bitcoins in a blink of an eye because they lost their private keys. You need to fit one thing in your mind that the bitcoin private key is your key to your bitcoins. There is no alternative to these keys, and you cannot even regenerate them if you lose them once. It is why it is advised to the people that they should keep their bitcoin private keys secure. Unfortunately, some people neglect this fact, and they later have to face huge losses when they lose their private keys. You should know keeping your private keys of bitcoin wallet safe as you keep the pin of your bank account is the right thing to do.

Limited supply

Some people have this thing in mind: there is unlimited bitcoin like the fiat currency. But it is not valid, and there are only 21 million bitcoins that any miner can ever mine. More than 18 million bitcoins are already mined in circulation. As per the reports of some of the experts, the mining of bitcoin will end in the year 2140. After this year, the supply of this crypto will sojourn. One of the main reasons for this digital currency’s fluctuating value and high demand is its limited supply. When the supply is restricted and the demand is high, it increases the price of this crypto.

No one can ban bitcoin

If we consider the nature of bitcoin, then various people want to know whether the government can ban the bitcoin world. There are many countries in which bitcoin is regulated, but no one has the authority to ban this crypto from circulating. Anyone can participate in the bitcoin investment as long as they have a suitable wallet and good internet connectivity in their device. There is no denying that many nations tried to put restrictions on the use of this digital currency. But various other countries are accepting this crypto and using it like fiat money.


Everyone recognizes that bitcoin is a popular digital currency because it has a unique nature. Therefore, many people are starting to use this crypto every day as it is an easy and trusted method for making transactions worldwide.

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