Somizi and Mohale Italian wedding

Somizi and Mohale cancel their third wedding in Italy due to the Coronavirus outbreak

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Local celebrity couple Mohale and Somizi have cancelled their third wedding in Italy due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The deadly virus has already claimed more than 40 lives in Italy.

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Somhale’s much-anticipated Italian wedding was supposed to take place in Florence, Italy in July on Mohale’s birthday.

Somizi took to Instagram to announce that he and his husband Mohale Motaung were on the look for a different destination.

“We have decided to cancel our wedding in Italy due to the Corona virus epidemic…however we gonna look for another destination but the dress code will include Louis Vuitton masks….just like the red bottoms were compulsory at our white wedding so is the Louis Vuitton mask (sic),” – Somizi wrote on his Instagram page

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