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South Africa reacts to Lady Kaygee’s comments on ‘dating a man for a living’

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Local social media influencer Lady Kaygee caused a stir on social media after she unapologetically revealed on Instagram that she gets a girlfriend allowance and “dates a man for a living”.

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During a Q&A session on Instagram Live, Lady Kaygee revealed where she gets her money from and how she affords her lavish lifestyle.

When asked what she did for a living, she answered saying “I date my man for a living, I know it sounds shallow but it’s a lot of work”.

Another Instagram follower asked Kaygee if her partner covers all of her needs. The socialite responded by saying: “Yes. I save all the extra money and try to buy things that no one can ever take away from me. Things that don’t depreciate in value. Things that I can fall back on if this doesn’t work out for me”.


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She then posted an Insta story saying: “Wow, your questions are overwhelming.I totally get why girls lie about being CEO’s of companies and getting their own money. Imagine a young girl telling you that you inspire her and all you did was date a rich man”.

“My life story is too shallow for these Insta streets. I don’t wanna start lying that I own businesses so that you call me your role model.” – she said.

Kaygee’s comments quickly landed her on the Twitter trends list and Mzansi weighed in on the debate.

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