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Spotify Introduces New AmaPiano Playlist

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The South African music scene is constantly evolving by tapping into the melting pot of cultures and tastes available to create unique new sounds. An example of this is the AmaPiano genre that has taken the country by storm.

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With a combination of deep house and kwaito mixed in to the upbeat, jazzy sounds of a piano, The Yanos, as the genre is also known, is not only making an impact in the local market but across the continent as well.

Due to the growing popularity and demand for the genre, Spotify has curated its first official AmaPiano playlist, with the introduction of AmaPiano Grooves.

Featuring Kwiish SA on its first cover, the playlist will include the likes of Kay Invictus, El Maestro, Ngwaneso Duo of the hit song Ayikho La and De Mthuda of Shesha.

“I am really excited to be featured on the first official Spotify AmaPiano playlist. This is a great feat for the genre as a lot of producers, artists and deejays are working tirelessly to ensure the genre gets the recognition we feel it deserves. My new track Shesha featuring Njelic, has been topping charts and has become a crossover national hit record, which shows that fans are loving the genre. AmaPiano is here to stay and only growing,” says De Mthuda.

The introduction of the playlist is an exciting opportunity to showcase and gain even more momentum for this home-grown genre not only locally but within the global music arena as well.

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