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Stones & Bones release their official debut radio single, Ladymonsta, to great reception

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Dynamic House band duo, Stones & Bones, who recently won the 2015 Jack Daniel’s Music Scouts competition, have officially released their debut radio single, Ladymonsta, to a great reception.

Ladymonsta made an impressive debut on the YFM #YUrban Top 40 chart debuting at number #17.

Listen to Stones & Bones Ladymonsta here:


Ladymonsta is a track dedicated to the women of Africa and their ability to command the dance floor. The song is driven by Afro dance rhythms and traditional old school township style guitar lines that will definitely get everyone dancing when they listen to it.

Stones & Bones call this style “Afro-Rock” and it is fast becoming their signature sound. “The lyrics are flirtatious, fun and a little bit naughty. This song makes everyone dance and sing along, and when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE. “Ooh lala, Ladymonsta. Booty be danger, she could kill a brotha” expresses Stones & Bones.

Listen out for and request Ladymonsta at your favourite radio station.

Connect with Stones & Bones:

Facebook: Stones & Bones (
Twitter: @stonesbonesband
Instagram: @stonesbonesband

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