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‘Stop praising people and disrespecting me while u at’ – Rapper Emtee warns people

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Rapper Emtee, whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu, is tired of people always shading him when they’re talking about other artists and has warned people to stop it.

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The rapper is always compared with other hip-hop artists in the country and is forever dragged on social media by the fans of other rappers.

Emtee, who has never been shy to address his haters on social media, sent a clear warning in a series of tweets to all those who were firing shots at him.

He started off by saying: “Yeah and y’all s*ckers better stop praising people and disrespecting me while u at. U know how many n*ggas I put and didn’t even ask for a shumi. Stop playing (sic).”

“Y’all s*ckas better cut it out with that doing half the job and wanting a full payment sh*t man. Either you widit or u futs*k (sic),” – Emtee wrote.

“Back home, some n*ggas is full of sh*t but I’m used to it. My job is making music. The rest is just what it comes with. Been through a lot. I’m blessed beyond measure compared to three years ago. So f*ck them (sic),” – Emtee said last year November after a trip to Ghana.

The Roll Up hitmaker told fans that he was always being disrespected because he doesn’t take nonsense from haters.

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/emteethehustla

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