Survey reveals more women with money

Survey reveals more women are in charge of their own money

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Women can really be the bosses of their own. They can manage their money like pros and the survey of the snapshot has just found out that on a personal finance website called JustMoney – 86% of women are confident about money management decisions. Only 1% said that their partners were running their finances and some 20% of them are co-managing with their partners.

More and more women are trying to make their future for themselves. These times when a woman was waiting for a man providing everything including the money was gone.

There is no secret that successful entrepreneurs once have taken some notes from successful entrepreneurs. Meaning that we humans don’t choose our role models if we don’t see a little bit of ourselves in them. That is why more success stories are needed in the world. As one Coco Chanel, a founder of Chanel said: “May my legend prosper and thrive. I wish it a long and happy life.”

Confident money management

The evolution of society and modernism lead to a time where women are as empowered as never. For example, investing is no longer restricted to a male’s decisions only, because women can do everything by themselves. In a household, women have been here for decades – managing, handling money matters.

Women are very consistent about working toward their goals, and that is why there are thousands of success cases when women empowered themselves enough, they became more disciplined and sophisticated in savings and investments. Sometimes they are judged for being less aggressive with taking risks, but the truth of reality is that they may trade less, but they surely earn more. Because they think before any decision is made. For example, in countries like Africa, women are mostly very keen on trading because one of the main sources of annual income in Africa’s counties is the Forex market. For trader women, investing with a systematic investment plan is the best way for them to invest their savings in a disciplined and consistent way. Since the successful female forex traders in South Africa focus more on long term deals, they take time to do detailed research and remain patient and often just hold themselves and think through a trade. The maternal instinct is helping every woman with its favor of investing. In order to not lose anything, they are very detail-oriented. Women will never start doing something like trading if she is not sure about herself. Confidence is the key to success for them.

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Longevity and survival

The women rarely lose sight of the goal because their ultimate goal is very important for them. They are also more creative in completing the tasks and diversification of their strategies. Have you ever heard that women live longer than a man? Well, that is true. In many social diversities, some women just choose to be single. They are not tolerating unhappy marriages in order to just be “Happily married”. That is why more and more women are in charge of their finances and they know how to deal with them. Today in the world, there are 57% of the women entrepreneurs make their decisions by themselves and are solo players in their finances.

Role models

Trust and emotions are the main driving force for the woman. They connect with a huge role of trust and folly their guts to begin to invest in something. Women have the ability to work in every field and situation because they know how to survive stress. Even though there are only 10% of women in the biggest exchange market, their achievements are incredible. Cynthia Case who has been a market member since 1983 is also the writer of the unique notices and trading strategies, she manages the billion-dollar capital of more than 30 investors. What woman gave in common? Dedication. Tradicional financial market is risky and it’s always a must to have some sort of education before doing something in this field. It is certainly not easy to overcome the fear of losing money. The woman mostly loves stability and they always think about the future. In trading, to know something surely is unachievable. One month can be profitable, the other can be a total loss. The woman certainly prefers Forex than other types of trading. Almost 30% of online traders are choosing online forex trading. The number of women in foreign exchanges is rapidly growing because they are seeing that more and more legendary females are making their names for themselves in this market.

More women in trading

In 2013 there was an article on how Japanese women were flocking to the Forex market. They were staying at home in wives. The lack of career opportunities for them in a male-dominated business world made them do something from their homes. They began online forex trades in between duties and shopping for groceries. For now, Women are making up 30% of Japan’s nation’s vast local forex trading market.

Woman are becoming more visible

Women are getting even more popular on social media. Their success stories are everywhere. There is Kiana Danial, who runs Invest Diva. She is an Iranian, who got involved in forex trading while studying in Japan. She wrote a book about Forex trading and about selling and analysis. She is still very active on her social media and is running several blogs.

There is also a woman from the Philippines called Charmel and Mary Delos Santos who wrote a book called “High Heeled Traders”.


If you lack confidence and need some motivation to start considering doing something than educate yourself and start thinking about the ways which could lead your life to new directions. Every woman has a unique story. Nationalities, times, and the jobs are different but they have one thing in common, they never gave up on their dreams and that is why their reality now looks like a dream. Believe in yourself enough to burn the limits of yours and lead the life you always wanted to live.

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