Anele Mdoda launches new production company

Anele Mdoda new company

Radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda has started a new production company with her fellow 947 colleagues Frankie du Toit, and Paul Buys. 

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Her new company Rose and Oaks, is a content production company which aims to create original concepts for television productions from series to advertising.

“You know how shows make it around the world, so there’s a flagship one and then franchises in other countries, like Survivor. Those are called original concepts and that’s what we’re coming up with. They are started in South Africa and then can be sold around the world,” she explained.

Speaking to The Media Online, Anele said we are not bleeding listeners, much like other territories around the world…”Ukhozi is out here being the third most listened to radio station in the world. If we can fly that flag, then leave us alone,” – she said.

When asked about SA celebrities getting presenting gigs on radio, she said doesn’t mind celebrities on air, but believes they shouldn’t be the main anchor. “They should be partnered with a stalwart, someone who just gets the basics of radio,” she said.

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