Christall ‘real housewives of Johannesburg’ drops her single

Christall real housewives of Johannesburg

Christall has lived a colourful life thus far, and this inspiration is reflected in her music. She certainly has her feet on the ground, but one thing is “Christall” clear! She is always reaching for the stars!

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Christall, a star of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, (1 Magic Dstv channel 103) showcases her journey as an artist and the viewers will get a chance to know her music – and her pop single Wonder. The first sneak peek of her music will be revealed on Friday’s episode, 17 August.

The final version of her song Wonder has been produced by US producers The Klubjumpers who have remixed tracks for stars like Ricky Martin, Britney Spears and Jason Derulo to name but a few.

The song was inspired by Christall’s curiosity with all things mysterious which makes her wonder about the Great Wall of China, and the Statues in Rome and so forth, however the irony is that your lover/partner can make you wonder even more than the great mysteries of the universe. Let’s face it love can make us crazy!

Christall’s first single Set Apart, has already enjoyed much success both locally, and In the US, where it charted at no. 55 on the Billboard/Nielsen Airplay US charts. Christall’s songs have been played on over 30 radio stations across South Africa from small town community radio stations and retail radio stations to regional radio stations such as JacarandaFM and Radio Sonder Grense. Christall has performed in a number of festivals, shows and concerts countrywide. Her house, lifestyle and music have also been featured on a well-known South African television variety show, namely, Top Billing.

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