A Sensational First Look At The New Season of Kings of Jo’Burg

Kings of Jo'burg Season 2

The New Year is coming with guns blazing as the Masire family returns to Netflix on 27 January 2023. The Masires, haunted by a supernatural family curse, find themselves tangled in a web of betrayal that threatens to destroy the family in this riveting new season. ALSO READ: Netflix Drop The Official Blood & Water … Read more

Will Gomora producers survive Zolisa Xaluva fight?

Zolisa Xaluva Gomora Mzansi

Multi award winning Mzansi Magic telenovela, Gomora, is three weeks into its third season and so far fans of the show have not been impressed with the post Zolisa Xaluva era. The Eastern Cape born actor who plays leading man, Melusi “Marvelous” Dlamini, the Gomora Secondary school principal has been excluded from the season three … Read more

Phumlani Ndaba killed in pulsating Gomora Mzansi season finale

Phumlani Ndaba meets his end

The first rule of the entertainment industry is “give the people what they want”, and the people – Gomora Mzansi viewers – wanted Phumlani gone. The Gomora writers listened. Why Phumlani had to die The character Phumlani Ndaba (real name Buyile Mdladla) was introduced to the Seriti Films production, Gomora, in November 2011. To everyone, … Read more

Gomora explores abortion as Melusi cheats on pregnant wife


In a normal world, it is the cheating husband’s mistress who gets an abortion when the results of their adultery come to bite them. Keen to conceal his sin, the unfaithful husband will sell his back teeth just to fund the rushed abortion This week on Gomora, abortion is the topic but it is not … Read more

Violent Gomora protests finally end – danke Katlego!


When her husband Mbongeni was murdered, Thathi Ndaba (real name Katlego Danke) lost everything, she went from a Sandton mansion, Mercedes Benzes to sleeping in her childhood bedroom, back in Gomora, Alex Township. Thathi seemed like a broken tree branch, tossed from one river bank to the other, with no control over her own life. … Read more

Langa in car crash as Gomora turns one

Langa ear pull

Langa is the likeable child in the dysfunctional Ndaba family. In their Sandton days, Only Langa could be bothered to remember the helper’s name while father Mbongeni was sleeping with is secretary if not defrauding investors, sister Buhle was essentially the miniature version of her self-centred and materialistic mother, Thathi. If the screenwriters wanted to … Read more

Sbonga proposes after 16 year vat en sit

Sbonga proposes

In sixteen years of vat en sit – sorry, let me cut out the euphemisms – in sixteen years of living in sin with his baby mama, Sbonga has cheated numerous times on Pretty. Speaking to his new BFF, Mazet, Sbonga explained his infidelity as something that “began with harmless flirting.” I guess it’s true … Read more

Mazet going back to high school at 24? [Gomora]

Mazet causes chaos at Gomora Secondary

Last week, love dominated Gomora; Mam Sonto’s love for Mazet, Gladys’ love for her new friend Zoliswa, and Zodwa’s newfound love for Bongani whom she “stole” from Zoliswa. Perhaps it is only fitting that love takes centre stage in February, the month of silly things like roses and overpriced chocolate whose brand names nobody can … Read more

Zodwa steals Zoliswa’s husband [Gomora]

zodwa and Bongani

After months of turmoil, peace and harmony has returned to the Dlamini double storey, which you have to say in Zodwa’s half envious, half contemptuous voice – double storey. Ntokozo seems to have finally conquered his demons, at least for now; he apologized to his parents, to Zodwa and made peace with his best friends … Read more

Karma deals with Mam Sonto [Gomora]

Mam Sonto Gomora

Mam Sonto is Alex Township’s female criminal mastermind whose business interests include a popular tavern and car theft ring. If you have an expensive taste in cars but lack the money — or desire — to get a top of the range vehicle from a dealership, Mam Sonto (real name Connie Chiume) will get your … Read more