Lulama Clifton-Smith Lulu

Talented songstress Lulu releases new intriguing single titled Seziyang’sitha

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Multi-talented singer, model, brand ambassador, and songwriter Lulama Clifton-Smith recognized as Lulu in the music circles has released a new nostalgic single titled Seziyang’sitha.

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Seziyang’sitha single is a smooth, powerful track that showcases the exceptional vocal ability that has helped Lulu stand out of the crowd and make a name for herself.

The song carries a strand of alternative house influences with a combination of dope beats and stunning instrumentals that would easily gladden the hearts and soul of a sadist heartbeat which is a sound that is uniquely South African at the moment.

Lulu discovered her passion for the  entertainment industry at the tender age of 12 when she started competing in beauty pageants, since then Lulu has professionally established an identity in the South African  entertainment industry and with a whole range of talents in the form of creative outlets of her expression.

Her love for entertainment is influenced and driven strongly by a cultural background of experiencing diversity throughout her life, Lulu draws inspiration from culture and authentism and channels it in all her artistry. The combination of her natural leadership skill set and creative thinking also make for a successful black business woman.

Fast climbing the entertainment ladder with the new single Seziyang’sitha which has been play listed on various key radio stations throughout the country a lot can be expected from Lulu going forward in the music scene.

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