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Thathi plays “The Fixer” as Sonto gets away with murder

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If Kerry Washington had been on Gomora, she would have told Mam Sonto not to worry because, “it’s handled”. But Kerry Washington was 12,000km away in America and, in her place, as The Fixer, was Katlego Danke, Thathi Ndaba on Gomora. And boy did she come through for her mother when she needed her most.

Thathi saves the day

Mam Sonto had the best lawyer on Mzansi Magic to defend her in a trial which could have sent her to jail until and beyond her grandchildren’s varsity graduation. The prosecutor, Advocate Ndzimande, had found another Sonto employee to turn state witness in exchange for a pardon. Sandra Stein found out that the snitch would be Lindokuhle, aka London, whose real name is Robert Mpisi.

Thathi intercepted London in the men’ toilet – thanks to SAPS corruption – before he could take to the witness stand in the courtroom. She offered him money, in exchange for a testimony that would free Mam Sonto. After settling on a fee of R60,000, London agreed to blow Ndzimande’s case. On the stand, London denied ever working for Mam Sonto. Ndzimande looked like an idiot when his own witness turned against him.
Add to that, Ntokozo had earlier denied being a Sonto employee, thanks to The Fixer, Thathi who convinced Buhle to get her ex boyfriend to save her grandmother.

There was one more witness left, Jeff Nquthu, the prisoner who wrote Jomo’s letter of confession. But Sandra Stein, beautiful intelligent, suntanned Sandra Stein, put it to the judge that Nquthu’s testimony was heresy. It could not be proved that Jomo was telling the truth. Without much evidence, the judge had no option but to dismiss the case and Sonto walked. Sandra Stein, beautiful intelligent, suntanned Sandra Stein, will receive a large cheque for her legal services but it was really Thathi who did most of the string-pulling in the background.

Sonto beats murder charge but loses Langa

After Ntokozo walked out of the courtroom, he was mobbed by news reporters seeking his comment on the testimony he gave. Ntokozo replied “no comment.”
But Langa wasn’t satisfied with that. He poked Ntokozo on the forehead, which every kasi boy knows as sign language for fight me! In the next heartbeat, Langa, screaming accusations of murder, punched Ntokozo in the face. Melusi stepped between his two sons and stopped any chance of further violence.

After the courtroom drama, Ntokozo went to Mam Sonto’s office. She showered him with praise before attempting to hug him for saving her from prison. But he declined her hug. How can I repay you she asked. Name anything. Ntokozo asked for freedom. To be set free from the fear of what she could do to his family, freedom from Mazet too. Mam Sonto granted his wish.

Back at the Molefe house, Mazet, Thathi and Sonto were in a celebratory mood. But Langa poured water – or pee – all over their champagne bucket, figuratively. Langa was not going to pretend everything was well. Sonto called a family meeting during which she asked for her family to acquit her as the court had done. Langa walked out of the meeting; “this family is a joke!”

When Thathi tried to reason with him, a slip of the tongue revealed that she had known all along that Sonto had killed Mbongeni.

Langa stole a revolver from Sonto’s desk and went to confront Ntokozo at the Dlamini house. When Ntokozo wouldn’t confess on tape, Langa fired the gun. Mercifully Langa has terrible aim. His bullet only ruined the plaster job on Melusi’s wall. Melusi was able to convince his son to surrender the gun which he took back to Thathi.
After the near shooting, Langa ran away. Thathi looked everywhere. Later, she learned that Langa was hiding out at one of his Sandton friend’s. She took him home with threats of a beating. But Langa was not intimidated. Thathi and Sonto may have fooled the judge, but as Pretty said, Langa is broken forever.

Melusi resigns as Principal

Even though the judge ruled in Sonto’s favour, the community of Gomora had its own verdict. They gave Sonto an ultimatum; shut down your car workshop and tavern, or we burn it down. Angry parents also besieged Principal Melusi Dlamini’s office, calling for his resignation because he had protected Ntokozo, a murderer. Even though Ntokozo had been acquitted, the community members wanted Melusi gone. To avoid the indignity of being fired, Principal Dlamini gathered his personal belongings in a box and left the school that he loves so much.

Welcome King of Voetsek

As far back as Teddy can remember, his mother Zodwa has always told him he had no father. You know, like an amoeba, or immaculate conception. She did not know who he was. After the trial, Zodwa praised Thathi for deceiving Mbongeni into believing he was Langa’s father. When Teddy questioned his mother, she told him that women get to decide who their child’s father is. Yohh!
Zodwa and Teddy were seated at the dinner table when there was a knock on the door. The door opened and in stepped Buthelezi, real name Israel Makoe, King of Voetsek. Without any small talk, he announced to Teddy that he was his father.
Personally, I would have preferred one of his powerful voetseks.

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