Annual Montblanc Black & White Week event

The art of sophistication and class starts with Mont Blanc

The art of sophistication and class starts with Mont Blanc. From how you smell to the watch on your wrist. On the 5th of April Mont Blanc showcased some of their peculiar latest timepieces collection.

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Welcomed by the beautiful Jessica as we entered, we knew for sure that this was going to be a remarkable experience. This Mont Blanc collection was inspired by their 1858 vintage collection which in history was one of the most favorable collections, the Maison continues to push boundaries through fine craftsmanship. Mont Blanc ‘s Maison Launch had everyone from the media to the celebrities which were Invited to this exclusive black & white event feeling captivated by the amazing pieces that were showcased.

Alain Dos Santos

The Regional managing director of Mont Blanc Africa, Alain Dos Santos hosted this auspicious event which gave preview into the inspiration, hard work and dedication it took to put together this collection, by showcasing and allowing all to touch, feel and possibly buy some of these exclusive very beautiful timepieces. He had this to say “Mont Blanc 1858 collection is without a doubt the showpiece of this year’s event, and the immediate appeal it has enjoyed in this first preview has been exciting. We are privileged throughout Africa to be able to experience the beauty of nature and feel connected to the earth even when we’re in the city.”

We couldn’t agree more Alain this collection is truly remarkable. Courage, craftsmanship, dedication and innovation is what we got from Mont Blanc.

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