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Finding the best trading software in South Africa

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Trading software platforms tools and platforms provide forex traders with a major amount of high-level trading capacity. Interfaces are very easy to use and let beginners learn and employ skills fast to meet trading and investment objectives. Top trading tools which ought to be thought about such as stocks, Forex, options or futures include stock screeners, streaming quotes, watch lists and trading strategy builders.

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Must-Have Trading Software Tools

As stated before, the top trading software platforms tools include:

1. Stock Screeners
2. Streaming Quotes
3. Watch Lists
4. Trading Strategy Builders

Stock Screeners

Whether one is a day trader or a long-term investor, they ought to consider implementing a stock screener as an essential trading software platforms tool. This tool allows the trader hone in on particular stock symbols which exist in a large group. By producing a list of criteria, they’re easily picked.

Running on this criteria, the screener will give a list of options which can assist reach particular trading goals put. As a basic tool which most brokers utilize, screeners can search for things such as mutual funds and bonds among others. Some even Permit the user to store screens on Sub-sector, Index, and Exchange. From there, one could choose to further separate them based on things such as Price, Technicals, Fundamentals and more. Possessing the ability to bypass a procedure which normally lasts hours is a great benefit.

Streaming Quotes

The constant evaluation of the quantity and trading prices is vital in having the ability to place orders and take profits among other important tasks. The use of trading software platforms tools to add real-time data is invaluable and lets one customize trades from anyplace based on market tendencies.

Take note of some customizable features within the trading software programs. Possessing the ability to personalize anything to one’s own style is the best option.


• Various fonts and colors
• Charting for many trend lines and technical indications
• Plotting and analyzing latest price patterns
• lots of winners and losers on the trading floor

The tool easily helps investors avoid scanning many sites, and allows them to enjoy everything they need on just one screen.

Watch Lists

As a trading software platforms perk, watch lists maintain day traders from having to watch every stock within the trading realm by doing it automatically. Start with the stock screener to obtain which are the most crucial to keep an eye on, then add them to the watch list for future tests. It is super easy to tailor the list to fit personal needs and desires.

Use drag and drop features to make the list much more personal and sort with only one click. The listing can typically be exported to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and much more to work with one’s presentation software.

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