Moshe Ndiki buys Jeep Wrangler

The Queen actor Moshe Ndiki buys a brand new car

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Comedian, actor and presenter Moshe Ndiki, has decided to reward himself with a brand new car. The Queen actor, revealed on social media that he purchased a brand new Jeep.

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Moshe Ndiki, who recently joined Metro FM, rose to fame as a YouTube sensation. His YouTube channel, which shot him to fame saw him making fun of himself, Rihanna and everyone in between.

Born and raised in East London, Moshe today is known as the witty, honest, punchline-master & entertainer hailing from the Eastern Cape. With more than a million views on YouTube, TV shows and a massive following on social media you may have not met the man but chances are you have heard of him.

With his self-deprecating humour and distinct point of view he has become a YouTube sensation and TV personality celebrated by Google South Africa and the country’s top papers. Moshe Ndiki admits although being a “YouTuber” in the primary phase of his career after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Acting for Camera at City Varsity was not the path he wanted to take for his acting career but it has been one that has given him a lot of recognition for just being himself, a true entertainer.

His future plans include uplifting the South African entertainment industry for future generations, as he believes that there is space for everyone in the industry. His end goal is to however be an Actor, Radio show host and have his own Late Night show on TV.

Taking to social media to share his brand new wheels, the proud Moshe showed off his brand new Jeep. According to Jeep South Africa official website, a brand new Jeep Wrangler Off Road 4×4 SAHARA costs about R 658,900 while Jeep Wrangler Off Road 4×4 Rubicon costs about R 688,900.

“Just bought a brand new car, why whatsup? Eternally grateful to God , My mom and my hard work. This was just a gift to myself to say FOK UYASEBENZA! Her name is Busiswa cause wow I’m blessed (sic),” – Moshe Ndiki wrote on Twitter.

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