Thathi in her new home

Things get worse for Thathi as Sonto escapes justice

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Every great story needs a hook — enticement to grab the audience – and, for Gomora, the bait on the fishing line was Thathi and Mbongeni’s lavish lifestyle. We were like deer in car headlights as Katlego Danke slipped on a sparkling bracelet with so many diamonds she must have struggled to lift it from the dressing table. Then we saw her descending a spiral staircase down to a waiting Range Rover where a uniformed chauffeur stood. Just as we had grown accustomed to the house with the two maids, the WiFi generation kids with their private school voices, the Ndabas lost everything. By then, our curiosity had been aroused.

The battle for Teddy


At the behest of Melusi, Gladys finally took a step back and allowed Zodwa to raise her own son. But raising a child is not only about DNA. No sooner had Teddy left the Dlamini home than his school work deteriorated. Without Ntokozo to assist with homework and Gladys to wake him up in the morning, Teddy not only arrived without his assignment but he was late for class and, as punishment for his tardiness, got thrown out of the classroom by an intolerant teacher. 

Further trouble awaited Teddy when the teacher spotted his sudden improvement in the English language — the direct consequence of him copying Ntokozo’s assignment word for word at the last minute.



The school administration requested all parents to sign off on students’ homework. Having been removed from the Dlamini home, the responsibility for monitoring and assessing homework fell on Zodwa. But after being evasive about signing her son’s homework, it became clear that she did not have the literacy level to check Teddy’s work. So Teddy became creative; he forged his mother’s signature.


Even though tension remains between Zodwa Zondi and the Dlaminis, Melusi has decided to give her a cleaning job at Gomora High much to his wife’s outrage. Gladys is eager to see Zodwa fall face first, so she objected to her husband helping Zodwa.


Recording a demo



Fearing that Teddy will fall further behind in his schoolwork, Ntokozo spent the night at the Zondis to help him study. But what should have been a night of books, Ntokozo recorded a demo of Teddy’s impressive soccer commentary skills which they hope to send to a radio station. The look on Melusi and Gladys faces the next morning when Ntokozo admitted to spending the entire night “recording a demo” was priceless! Something akin to your gogo’s reaction when you announce that you have decided to be a stripper.


 It is worth reiterating that DNA does not make you a good mother. Although Zodwa won the tug of war for Teddy, she is cracking beneath the weight of motherhood. Seizing a beer despite her son’s protestations, she pushed Teddy out and sat down to have her first drink since rehab. But something within her made her resist the temptation.

Things get worse for Thathi



As tension remained in the Molefe house — Thathi not talking to her mother, Pretty and Thathi exchanging barbs and Sbonga getting his ears pulled like a little boy by Sonto — Thathi packed her bags and announced her departure. She hoped to take her kids with her. But, with the support of their grandmother, Langa and Buhle refused to leave. Pretty did not even try to conceal her joy as she shut the door behind her sister!


It was just as well that Sonto won the argument over the children because Thathi, of diamond bracelets and spiral staircases and two maids moved into a dingy little room where even the slum rats would never dare to visit. Her new life is miles away from the bling-bling existence we saw in the opening episode.






Meanwhile, Sonto and Zanele finally dug up some dirt on Detective Kolisi. After discovering that she helped conceal her brother’s drunk driving offence, Sonto blackmailed the detective into creating a new suspect in the death of Mbongeni. 


It was at the grubby hovel that Kolisi visited Thathi in order to tell her she had made a mistake in arresting Sonto. Now, not only is Thathi sharing a bed with fleas, but she also has guilt for a roommate, believing herself to have falsely accused Sonto of murder and carjacking.


Till next week, my pen is capped



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