Things you need to know about Constance “Connie B” Bhebhe

Connie is of South African and Zimbabwean heritage but grew up in Canada. She is now based full time in SA and has entered the health, fitness and nutrition space.

She’s a fitness enthusiast, Author, Speaker and Business Owner, Constance “Connie B” Bhebhe.

2 of her companies have taken off really well where she sold out stock in a matter of a few weeks. She has clients like Boity Thulo and Dineo Moeketsi who both use her ModBod Thermosculpts and her Pri-Tea detoxes.

What Is ModBod?

ModBod has been in production ever since preparing to stock up on increased quantities due to the large demand for the product since its launch.

ModBod’s ThermoSculpt is used by celebrities such as fitness enthusiast, actress and TV Presenter, Boity Thulo as well as TV Presenter and actress, Dineo Moeketsi.

ModBod’s ThermoSculpt is made from thermogenic material which enables one to sweat faster. It can be worn during exercising, to sleep and under clothing. Originally designed for women, the new range includes a men’s designed range due to the increase interest in the product from men.

A ModBod ThermoSculpt retails from R800 – R1000 each depending on size. Visit ModBod’s website today to find out more about the ThermoSculpt range for men and women and to order your products now! Website:

“ModBod’s ThermoSculpt is made from thermogenic material which enables one to sweat off the centimetres from love handles, the belly and the back. Not to be likened to compressive and unsafe waist trainers, the ThermoSculpt is a true fitness product which produces results within the first workout and throughout prolonged wear” expresses Connie B.

ModBod’s ThermoSculpt was designed by Connie B. She was born to a South Africa father and Zimbabwean mother. Having grown up in Cananda, Connie B has now relocated back to South Africa and ThermoSculpt is the first of many health and fitness products that Connie B intends to launch under her company, ModBod.

Connect with ModBod:

Facebook: Officialmodbod



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