TikTok users New Year 2020

TikTok users share their New Year’s resolutions

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As we ring in the new year, people around the world have set New Year’s Resolutions to improve daily habits and start 2020 off right.

TikTok creators have taken to the platform to share their personal resolutions and give helpful tips for others who are trying to stick to theirs. From health goals to getting rid of bad habits, resolutions are never easy and always rewarding.

Even pugs can have a resolution

@kevin_the_pocket_puggcomment your New Years resolution #newyearsresolution #resolution #strangepets #foryoupage #petsoftiktok #tiktokdogs #dog #dogsoftiktok

♬ New Years Resolution – The Pretty Littles

Tommy asks some friends what their resolutions are.

@tommyunoldAsking people what their new years resolution is 😂😳 #goodbye2019 #foryoupage #foryou

♬ original sound – tommyunold

Remember that health and any resolution is a marathon not a sprint

@thetikdocsustainability. marathon not a race. #nye #newyearsresolution #lifelongbod

♬ original sound – thetikdoc

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