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Timothy De Monk Releases Single ‘She’s The Type’

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Hitmaker Timothy De Monk is back with his first single, She’s The Type, since lockdown.

Before even turning 21, singer/songwriter Timothy De Monk already had several chart-topping singles under his belt, and now the hitmaker (who recently turned 23) is back with a brand new single that will no doubt give local charts a run for their money, as well as a brand new look to match.

‘She’s The Type’ to stay away from

With She’s The Type, Timothy warns (based on his own personal experience) against falling in love with the wrong type of girl – one that cannot let go of the past and is therefore unable to completely commit to a new relationship.

Lyrics, accompanied by an addictive melody composed by the multi-talented Timothy himself that can easily rival that of any international recording artist, speaks for itself: “And she’s the type to cry all night over her past love life. I won’t try to give her my heart, ‘cause I want much more…”


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Fortunately for Timothy, he managed to convince himself to let go of that relationship, but unfortunately for many of his fans hoping to steal his heart instead, he admits that he has now found the right girl and is indeed very happy with the way they are equally committed to one another.

Apart from maximising the time spent under lockdown when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit South African shores by composing and recording a multitude of songs that Timothy will release later this year, many will also gasp at the transformation he had undergone during this time period – gone are the boyish good looks, with Timothy now boasting a healthy Hollywood toned body and mature handsome good looks to match.

We bet the girl who inspired She’s The Type is kicking herself now…

Apart from downloading the single for your favourite playlist, you can enjoy the lyric video for She’s The Type on YouTube:

It all started back in 2014…

The popular singer, who is now again performing regularly thanks to lockdown restrictions lifted in such a way which allows Timothy to once again return to the stage where he belongs, first discovered his passion in 2014 when he learnt to play guitar and “I simply couldn’t put the instrument down,” he states.

During 2017, Timothy wowed the nation with the release of his debut single, Everyday, which remained in the Top 10 pop charts on some of the biggest radio stations in the country for an astonishing 18 weeks. He then released consecutive hits which performed just as well and even surpassed the success of Everyday, including Start A Fire, On Our Own and I Never Want To See Her. Early in 2020, he released Keep You Up, repeating his previous achievements nationwide, proving that he remains a force to be reckoned with.

And now all bets are on that She’s The Type will even outdo all the success that Timothy enjoyed to date.


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His musical influences include Quin XCII, Blackbear and Ed Sheeran, and Timothy says that he would love to collaborate soon with some of Mzansi’s other favourites, including Matthew Mole and Majozi.

“I have recorded so many great songs during the last couple of months that I cannot wait to release more singles this year. I’m also definitely planning to complete my long overdue album before the end of 2021. More news on all of this will be shared on my social media platforms and website soon.” – Timothy shares

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