Top 10 Best Lady Zamar Songs

Top 10 Best Lady Zamar Songs – Lady Zamar Songs 2019

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Top 10 Best Lady Zamar Songs – Lady Zamar real name Yamikani Janet Banda is a South African singer and songwriter. She is one of the most successful musicians in South Africa. In this article, we focus on some of the best Lady Zamar songs. 

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Born in Tembisa, East Rand, Gauteng and raised in Mamelodi, Pretoria, Gauteng, Lady Zamar mainly incorporates on house music.

Before she began her music career as solo artist, Lady Zamar was part of a duo with Junior Taurus. Together, they released their debut album called Cotton Candy. As a solo artist in South Africa, in March 2017, Lady Zamar released her debut album called “King Zamar”. One month later, King Zamar album was certified gold.

It is without a doubt that Lady Zamar is loved by many house music lovers in South Africa and across the world. Zamar is also an award-winning artist. She won “the song of the year award” in 2017 at the DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards for her song Charlotte, produced by Prince Kaybee. In 2018 at the SAMA Awards (South African Music Awards) Lady Zamar won “the Best Dance Album” award.

Top 10 Best Lady Zamar Songs

  1. Lady Zamar – Collide
  2. Lady Zamar – Love is Blind
  3. Lady Zamar – My Baby
  4. Lady Zamar – Moonlight
  5. Lady Zamar – It’s You – Dreaming
  6. Lady Zamar – Mamelodi
  7. Lady Zamar – Charlotte
  8. Lady Zamar – This is Love
  9. Lady Zamar – Remember
  10. Lady Zamar – Gravity

The above mentioned list of songs are some of the best Lady Zamar songs. Zamar, who is currently signed under UMG South Africa, has hit songs such as My Baby, Criminal, Charlotte and Love is Blind. If you are a fan of Lady Zamar’s music, download her songs or albums from all major digital platforms or visit Musica and Top CD.

There’s definitely more to come for Zamar. She recently released her second studio album “Mornach” with 20 songs. Lady Zamar new album 2019

Lady Zamar Mornach album tracklist

  1. Lady Zamar – This is Love
  2. Lady Zamar – Adore
  3. Lady Zamar – Be Mine
  4. Lady Zamar – Delirium
  5. Lady Zamar – Sunshine
  6. Lady Zamar – Donatella
  7. Lady Zamar – I Wish
  8. Lady Zamar – Destiny
  9. Lady Zamar – More and More
  10. Lady Zamar – Our Process
  11. Lady Zamar – Dangerous Love
  12. Lady Zamar – ICU
  13. Lady Zamar – Delaware
  14. Lady Zamar – Addiction
  15. Lady Zamar – Mary Jane
  16. Lady Zamar – Sharp Shooter
  17. Lady Zamar – Say Yes
  18. Lady Zamar – Low Low ft Tellaman
  19. Lady Zamar – Fat Girl
  20. Lady Zamar – Freedom ft Rapsody

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