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Top 5 Best Forex Websites for South African Traders

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What are forex websites? Forex trading sites are not the same as Forex brokers. At Quick Read Magazine, it is our goal to provide South Africans traders with the best day trading information and the best forex websites you should be using for your forex trading needs.

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We want to help you know where you can find forex news, technical analysis, and opinion about Forex online. It is also advisable to find a trading site that will keep you updated about the market while helping you learn and develop your technical analysis.

In no particular order, here are our best forex trading sites that you should know about to boost your Forex knowledge online. They will improve your trading skills so that you become one of the best forex traders.

The 5 Best Forex Trading Sites

  1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg forex trading is one of the biggest brands in the trading news market. It gives you access to stock market, global business and finance news. You can also read about trending topics like cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

If you want to check daily news about forex, you should check Bloomberg site everyday. This forex trading site will help you to monitor your stock profile or check breaking financial news.

Bloomberg also allows traders to listen to interviews and analysis through its financial markets radio and podcasts.

2. ForexFactory

ForexFactory Forex trading website is built strictly for forex traders around the world. It is one of the biggest forex forums in the world.

The site features the Forex Factory economic calendar. The calendar layout is easy to comprehend and the update is fast when financial breaking news events are released.

3. FxStreet

FXStreet forex trading is considered to be the best forex news website in the world. According to FXStreet website, they claim to be the leading source for trading news and real time Forex analysis.

They offer real-time charts, exchange rates and an economic calendar for financial news events.

We are not surprised that it is one of the top free forex sites that any trader can visit daily.

4. DailyFX

DailyFX forex trading is the best forex trading site which offers financial market news covering commodities, forex and indices.

It is the leading portal for news, charts, analysis and forecasts.You can use this site to get some ideas about the movement of price. Its great analysis are always helpful whenever you need them.

FXStreet comes with sections for Fundamental and Technical analysis.

5. ForexLive

Forexlive forex trading is one of the top forex websites to check on a daily basis. If you want to read about Foreign Exchange market reporting and analysis, Forex Live is for you.

Live Forex and economic news, fundamental & technical analysis and headlines, are also provided by this forex site so that any trader can read.

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