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Translate Afrikaans to English Services by Google Translate

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Translate Afrikaans to English in South Africa using Google Translate. This is a free online translator tool powered Google. You can instantly translate phrases, web pages and words between English, Afrikaans and over 109 other languages. There are also many other languages you can translate to Afrikaans.

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Besides Google Translate service, there are also other Afrikaans into English Translation services that can help you translate from Afrikaans to English language. In addition, they can also help you translate Afrikaans into over 109 other languages such as Zulu, Xhosa, Southern Sotho, French and many more.

How to Translate Afrikaans to English in South Africa

Afrikaans into English Translation

To translate words from Afrikaans to English, you need to visit Google Translate at or just search for “Google Translate” on the search engine. Type in a phrase or paste an Afrikaans word you wish to translate to English.

For example, you can type in “Ek kan Afrikaans praat”┬áin the text box and the translated phrase in English will be “I can speak Afrikaans”.

By translating Afrikaans to English words can help you communicate and understand the context and mind of that other culture or race in South Africa. Afrikaans to English translation service by Google will help you getting an instant translation texts, phrases and words from English to Afrikaans and other languages.

Why use Afrikaans to English translator tool?

Afrikaans to English Translation gives the most appropriate access to online translation service developed by various machine translation engines such as Bing Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, and Yandex Translate.

Afrikaans to English Translation tool features English text-to-speech service, on-screen keyboard for major languages, online translation service, back translation, email client, English spell checking tool and much more.

Why use Google Translate Service?

Afrikaans to English Translation

In most cases, Translation by Google Translate always produce appropriate results and no one cannot compare the results translated by Google.

The next time you want to know “How do you greet someone in Afrikaans?”, you simply visit Google Translate and type in the translate box.

Can I trust Translation Services?

Automatic machine translation allows you to understand a piece of Afrikaans, but they are not 100% accurate or reliable and they are not substitute for a human translator. In South Africa, there are some people who are employed to work as Afrikaans to English translators especially in the tourism industry.

Afrikaans English translation

Here are Afrikaans words and their translation in English using Translate Afrikaans to English service

  • you – jy
  • as – as
  • me – my
  • human – mens
  • sister – suster
  • brother – broer
  • mother – moeder
  • father – pa
  • hello – hallo
  • morning – oggend
  • night – nag

Here are Afrikaans sentences and their translation in English. There are many more Afrikaans words you can translate to English.

  • good morning – goeie more
  • how are you – Hoe gaan dit
  • i love you – Ek het jou lief
  • i miss you – Ek mis jou
  • good night – goeie nag

Afrikaans Translations to other languages

  • Translate Afrikaans to French
  • Translate Afrikaans to Zulu
  • Translate Afrikaans to Sotho
  • Translate Afrikaans to Italian
  • Translate Afrikaans to Portuguese
  • Translate Afrikaans to Shona
  • Translate Afrikaans to Spanish

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