TRESOR Never Let Me Go

TRESOR’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ certified 5X Platinum

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Multi award-winning musician, TRESOR’s, global hit single, Never Let Me Go, is officially certified 5X Platinum.

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Taken off his debut album VII, this evergreen body of work propelled TRESOR to stardom and remains a fan favourite to date.

TRESOR’s Never Let Me Go crossed borders and language barriers placing as the number #1 selling dance song in Italy iTunes at the time with his Spada Remix beating the likes of Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris and Rihanna. TRESOR’s Never Let Me Go (Spada Remix) placed as the eighth best-selling song across all genres in Italy iTunes and was his second number #1 bestselling dance song in Italy iTunes following his debut single, Mount Everest, making TRESOR the only African-based artist to achieve this feat twice.

TRESOR certified 5X Platinum

“I am truly honored and blessed to do what I love and receive so much love for it. Since I dropped my debut album VII 6 years ago, I have had the most incredible life and musical experience. I am glad people still love and enjoy the music. That album is the genesis of this epic journey I am on. Cheers to more music! Major thanks to Benza, Ninel and Sheila Afari PR who helped with the promotion of this album,” shares TRESOR.

“We pride ourselves in bringing new and unique voices to prominence… Our relationship with TRESOR started with discovering his new voice and sound in Durban. The fact that we have a long-standing work relationship is testament to his achievements in the music industry and his 5X Platinum selling single,” shares Benza of Vth Season. He adds: “Never Let Me Go is still my favourite all time TRESOR song. We travelled to Italy, England and America with this track.”

6 years since breaking into the music industry, TRESOR has made an incredible impact with his music which have proven countless of times as timeless classics.

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