TSA releases new intimate single titled Winter Baby

Multi talented rapper, singer, and songwriter Zolile Mcelu popularly known as TSA in the music circles has released a new assertive and deeply intimate single titled Winter Baby.  

Check out new single titled Winter Baby by TSA here: http://bit.ly/WinterBaby

Winter Baby is an assertive and deeply intimate track, and a good example of TSA’s obsession with lyricism – melodic with an emphasis on the narrative, and a variety of witty one-liners.

TSA takes a more introspective approach to the song which compliments the minimal instrumentation. Making use of an R&B crooning style of delivery, TSA manages to give us an emotional interpretation of what he believes it feels like to be a Winter Baby.

In 2016, he released his debut studio EP The Zxne  which is a part of the dark spaces TSA found himself in, as it is an area of transition – a mental zone and temporary space of unlearning. He later released an extended mixtape version of the Finger Snacks EP under a newly stylized title FNGR SNCKS on 31 May, 2017 which was led by his most successful single Winter Baby.

The rapper has named Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Jay Z amongst others as his influences. He has quantified Marshall Bruce Mathers (also known as Eminem) as his favourite rap musical outfit of all time, and influenced not only by his music, but day-to-day animation, in his awkwardly humorous demeanor.

Fast climbing the entertainment ladder with the new single Winter Baby which has been play listed on various key radio stations throughout the country a lot can be expected from TSA going forward in the music scene.

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