Nomzamo Mbatha and Kwaito star Arthur Mafokate

Twitter drags actress Nomzamo Mbatha for taking a photo with Arthur Mafokate

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Television presenter, activist and actress Nomzamo Mbatha was roasted on Twitter after she took a photo with Kwaito star Arthur Mafokate.

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The picture was taken on Saturday at the ANC’s election manifesto launch in Durban.

However, The African National Congress condemned Arthur’s conduct saying: “The African National Congress condemns the conduct of Arthur Mafokate at its Manifesto Launch rally on 12 January 2019 when he stormed the stage uninvited and caused undue mayhem.”

“While the ANC has worked with and supported Mafokate over many years, however, reports of his alleged abusive conduct towards a female accomplice go against the values and policies of the ANC which denounce gender-based violence,” the Republic of South Africa’s governing political party said in a statement.

The ANC has apologised to Nomzamo and also distanced themselves from Mafokate.

“We condemn the conduct of Arthur Mafokate at our Manifesto Launch rally when he stormed the stage uninvited and caused undue mayhem. We apologise to Nomzamo Mbatha for any offense this despicable conduct may have caused in the execution of her duties as a programme director (sic),” – former Police Minister Fikile Mbalula said.

Mafokate is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, musician Cici Twala.

People on Twitter were disappointed in Nomzamo after they saw the picture. One fan said she’s disappointed in Mbatha, she was rooting for her but now she is ready to block her.

Mbatha, who is also a humanitarian and an advocate for Women & Children’s rights, explained why and how the photo was taken.

“I was walking past, post the concert and looking for my manager when he greeted and whipped out his phone for a picture. Being polite I absent ‘mindedly’ obliged I’m definitely not a fan and I’m sorry I wasn’t present enough to say “F**K OFF, no thanks, (sic),” – Mbatha replied to the fan.

Cici, also reacted to the photo saying that she loves Nomzamo Mbatha and thinks she’s such as Queen and I Stan, but a social activist never takes off their activist hat.

“This tweet is not for me it’s for the young woman that will bump into this and continue to be silent because you choose to be polite to an abuser (sic),” – Twala wrote on Twitter.

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