Raecine Bates, Kerry Cahill and Cyril Mdlalose uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine World will be celebrating International African Penguin Awareness day!

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This is particularly important for East Coasters as the endangered African penguin is found only along the southern African coastline. These enigmatic birds, that occur nowhere else in the world, now face extinction in the wild as their numbers continue to decline dramatically.

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The total African Penguin population took a nose dive in the 20th Century to an estimated 10% of their pre-industrial age numbers. The African Penguin was classified as endangered in 2010 which coincided with the launch of the Penguin Awareness Campaign at uShaka Sea World.

These much loved penguins are an iconic species for marine conservation as they are an indicator species for the health of the oceans, much as the canary in a coal mine. So, if they are in trouble, so are we!

uShaka Marine World is encouraging visitors to highlight the plight of these cute waddling marine birds. All guests visiting uShaka Sea World on Saturday, 12 October 2019, are encouraged to wear black and white in support of the penguins. Those decked out in penguin friendly attire will gain entry into uShaka Sea World for just R99. So, pull out your favourite black pants, white shirts or vice versa. (The offer doesn’t apply to those who wear black and white dresses or just tops or pants in one of the specified colours.)

And, while visiting uShaka Sea World, come and visit the penguin exhibit, home to our thriving colony of African penguins. This exhibit was specially designed to ensure that the birds receive the best possible care. Informative signage around the exhibit ensures that visitors learn more about these endangered sea creatures. uShaka Sea World has been home to African penguins since 1980 when the first stranded bird was received.

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