Uzalo Teasers

Uzalo Teasers – June 2018

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Uzalo Teasers for June 2018. Uzalo plays Mondays to Fridays on SABC1 at 20h30. Check what’s gonna be happening this June on Uzalo, one of the most popular South African television dramas.

Friday 1 June 2018
Episode 86

MaMlambo is fearful that MaNgcobo is about to find out about her affair with Nkunzi, Mumsy oversteps her bounds with Mastermind and Thobile, and Mondli is offered a job at the church.

Monday 4 June 2018
Episode 87

Mxolisi nearly sees something he shouldn’t… is MaNgcobo’s instinct right?

Tuesday 5 June 2018
Episode 88

Captain Mthimkhulu and the police raid the harbour. Qhabanga and Steleka toast to winning. Pastor Mdletshe shocks the Maphumulo’s.

Wednesday 6 June 2018
Episode 89

Mastermind is in a daze about having to pay lobola for Mumsy. When Mrs Madlala wants to address MaMlambo’s cheating friend, she gives her the wrong address, thus causing more harm than good.

Thursday 7 June 2018
Episode 90

MaNgcobo thinks she’s one step closer as she hires someone to tail Nkunzi, scaring MaMlambo who is trying to understand why she cannot consult with her ancestors anymore. It’s not a good day for Qhabanga who finds out that Nkunzi has been playing them and that Mondli is now working at the church.

Friday 8 June 2018
Episode 91

All attempts to bring Thobile and Mumsy together for the sake of the church, fail. Mumsy makes things worse.

Monday 11 June 2018
Episode 92

Mumsy causes havoc in Mastermind and Thobile’s lives. MaNgcobo revs up the spice in her love life. The Mdletshe discover something shocking about one of their own.

Tuesday 12 June 2018
Episode 93

Mastermind is conflicted when he has to choose between Thobile and Mumsy. Nkunzi pressures Fikile to spend time with him. Thobile is furious when she learns that Mumsy wasn’t kicked out.

Wednesday 13 June 2018
Episode 94

Qhabanga is almost certain of Nkunzi’s death. Pastor Mdletshe grows more suspicious. Mastermind wants Mumsy to leave.

Thursday 14 June 2018
Episode 95

Doubt, suspicion and guilt plagues most of the KwaMashu residents. Brothers betray each other, one wrong night turns into days of guilt and even the church is not as pure as it seems.

Friday 15 June 2018
Episode 96 

Fikile is committed to her performance even though she has no support from Sbu – and lies when he questions her inspiration.

Monday 18 June 2018
Episode 97 

When Nkunzi won’t stop playing games with Qhabanga, the latter decides he has had enough. While Mumsy continues to be a pain in Thobile and Mastermind’s relationship, someone comes looking for her. Fikile almost gets caught in her lie when Sbu shows interest in her “cousin”.

Tuesday 19 June 2018
Episode 98

Qhabanga steps into Mdletshe’s shoes at the church, MaMlambo returns and Nkunzi is determined to get her back, while Zekhethelo discovers something shocking in Gabisile’s rooms.

Wednesday 20 June 2018
Episode 99 

Just when everyone thought that Mumsy had changed, it seems a stranger in Kwa-Mashu will prove them wrong. What is Mumsy hiding? And is she the only one keeping secrets?

Thursday 21 June 2018
Episode 100 

Mastermind swears to kill to protect his pride and joy. Fikile asks to be cleansed off all her sins. MaNgcobo is about to find out the truth about Nkunzi.

Friday 22 June 2018
Episode 101 

The whirlwind of confusion continues to plague Mastermind.

Monday 25 June 2018
Episode 102 

Qhabanga is ordained as pastor of Kingdom Church. MaNgcobo hangs MaMlambo and Nkunzi’s dirty laundry out for all the church to see. Thobile wants to celebrate being free from Mumsy but Mastermind is in no mood to celebrate.

Tuesday 26 June 2018
Episode 103

The truth hurts and everyone deals with a scandal that no one expected. MaNgcobo is a woman scorned and Nkunzi is scared that MaMlambo will pay for their affair. Nkunzi’s worries are misplaced however as the real scandal is what happens when the night is over.

Wednesday 27 June 2018
Episode 104 

MaNgcobo desperately shakes awake Nkunzi’s motionless body. Qhabanga demands that Captain Mthimkhulu finds the men who shot his brother. Sbu fears for his life upon learning that Nkunzi is not that.

Thursday 28 June 2018
Episode 105

An impatient Mondli almost burns a bridge back to his old job. Thobile wrestles with Mastermind’s desire for a baby. MaNgcobo is a mess of emotions over Nkunzi’s condition.

Friday 29 June 2018
Episode 106

Fikile is surprised when she learns that she still has her job. Captain Mthimkhulu continues to investigate in order to find the culprit behind Nkunzi’s shooting. Mastermind and Thobile agree on trying for a baby.

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