Vodafone banishes Huawei from its core network

Vodafone puts an end to Huawei : The mobile service provider announced yesterday that the Chinese manufacturer should no longer be the network supplier for Vodafone. With this, the provider throws Huawei out of the most sensitive area of ​​its business.

The innovation was brought to the attention of the business magazine Handelsblatt . Here a spokesman for the mobile operator said that this process would take a while. It is expected that the replacement of the largest supplier will last until the year 2020.

Vodafone replaces Huawei with Nokia

Huawei’s place will take a rising size in the mobile market: The Finnish manufacturer Nokia is to establish itself in one of the most important supplier networks. This does not mean, however, that Huawei will be completely wiped out of the Vodafone operation.

However, according to Vodafone, the reasons for the change of manufacturer are by no means to be found in the current news situation. Instead, with the components of Nokia are simply cheaper components to have, so Vodafone. The mobile operator had already 2016 by an operational re-tender for Nokia, the group said.

Huawei’s dispute with the sellers

The fact that Huawei is banished from the core network by Vodafone is not particularly surprising for observers, for other reasons. Already at the end of 2018 first concerns about Huawei came up. The group was accused of not adhering to certain safety standards of different countries. The British telephone company BT Group announces that within the next two years it wants to remove all items from Huawei from its devices.

In Germany, too, the group had to face the debate about the security issue. In Bonn, therefore, a special safety laboratory was opened by the manufacturer. In this, the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology can test how safe the Huawei devices are. Huawei is now working with the two other major mobile operators o2 Telefónica and Telekom together. These are likely to have the case of the cases, certainly already spare providers in petto. Huawei’s 5G mobile communications expansion is currently being discussed by German ministers in Berlin.

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