Vuyo Dabula speaks about how dangerous “attention” can be to an actor’s art

South African actor, Vuyo Dabula, most famous for acting as Kumkani Phakade brother-in law of Tau Mogale in the soap Generations, also appeared in Avengers, speaks about attention. Vuyo has opened up about having to introspect to avoid getting sucked into all the attention he received on a daily basis especially from female fans.

Speaking to Anele on Real Talk with Anele, Mr. Dabula admitted one of the most dangerous things that could happen to a famous personality was too much attention and explained how how he had protected himself against it.

Vuyo said “Attention is a distraction. Obviously as an actor it’s about the art and that is how you grow, you look at your craft and you grow but it comes with fame as well. All the voices that assign an image leave you affected. Then it gets to your focus then becomes a distraction.”

In the interview, the actor said he was generally a very private person and did not like to being vulnerable but he has also had to accept that people, especially females gave him an overwhelming amount of attention. However, Vuyo said being a ‘poster guy’ did not drive him.

“I am aware that I am somewhat a poster boy for a good looking man, but not to the extent that it is meant. It does not drive me, that’s not what I wake up to be,” he said.

Vuyo Dabula Fitness
Vuyo Dabula. Image Courtesy: Instagram

Vuyo further added that he worked hard to maintain his image and stay fit as an actor.

The actor is best know as Generations: The Legacy’s Gadaffi but has acted in various productions such as Finding Lenny, Zone 14, Invictus and Small Town Called Descent.

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