Amapiano dance moves South Africa

WATCH: How to do Amapiano dance moves

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Amapiano are taking South Africa by storm. Amapiano is a style of house music that emerged in South Africa in 2014. Amapiano is a sophisticated hybrid of jazz, deep house and lounge music characterized by wide basslines, synths and airy pads. Amapiano dance moves look difficult but it’s very easy to learn. Check the below YouTube videos showing you how to dance to Amapiano.

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Amapiano dance is everywhere and we can’t get enough of the “the pouncing cat”. It’s not only Amapiano dance moves that got us excited, but South African dance music has the ability to make people dance.

Popular South African songs always come out with their dance moves. From iDibala (a fainting dance) to iVosho (a dance that involves squatting and kicking at the same time), igwara gwara (a dance that involves a bent knee and arm movement like you are stirring a pot). Now we have “Pouncing like cats” dance.

Pouncing like cats dance move includes elegantly pouncing your feet side to side while folding your hands into fists to create a cat’s paws, all while moving your shoulders back and forth.

Below are some of the videos you need to watch to learn the Amapiano dance moves in South Africa.

How to do Amapiano dance moves step by step?

Watch these videos to learn how to dance to Amapiano step by step. The videos have been uploaded by “We Love Africa” YouTube Channel. After watching these videos, you will be able to execute Amapiano dance the next time you listen to Amapiano songs. To make sure that you don’t forget the Amapiano dance moves, make sure that you teach other people too or share the link with others.

Watch how to do Pouncing like cats dance moves

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